The Stress-Free Way To Deal With A Lost Or Stolen Phone

It feels strange that smartphones have only been around for fifteen years. We are so deeply connected to our phones that getting through a day without them is extremely tough. To do so without compromising your ability to work or make plans is pretty much impossible. It took us a frighteningly fast time to become accustomed to having them with us at every moment.

This is why losing your phone or having it stolen is so stressful. Not only are you missing such a huge part of your life, but you can’t even use it to deal with the problem. In normal scenarios, you’d Google what to do.

However, dealing with a lost or stolen phone does not need to be too stressful. As long as you are prepared for the eventuality, you can claim from insurance and have a replacement as soon as possible.

The Right Insurance

The best preparation is to get the right insurance long before you need it. The good news is that if you have renters or homeowners insurance, you probably have cell phone insurance coverage as well. Your phone is covered by the contents coverage in your policy, and you can claim for a replacement.

Since you have coverage already, going with the insurance offered by your mobile service providers is probably unnecessary. It will also cost more than renters insurance and cover a lot less.

Now, what steps do you take if your phone is lost or stolen?

Use the Find My App Immediately (And Persistently)

This is something that shouldn’t have to be stated, but some people either forget that they can track their phone or delay doing so. The longer you delay using the Find My app, the more chance there is that someone will turn your phone off. With your phone off, the Find My app becomes useless.

However, don’t give up once your phone is seemingly off. Getting into a stolen phone is much more difficult than it ever was. If a thief wants to get in without any specialized software, they will have to turn your phone on. When they do so, you get another opportunity to search for it.

The only way to get into your phone without turning it back on is by using jailbreaking software, and opportunistic thieves or people who just happened to find your phone may not be prepared for this.

If this doesn’t work, you can erase your phone remotely, protecting any data that may have been on it.

Make a Police Report

If you believe your phone to have been stolen, you may need a police report for insurance purposes (or if your phone is used for fraudulent activity). They’re probably not going to find it, but filing a police report is necessary nonetheless. Get this done as soon as possible so that you can provide it to your insurer if necessary.

Claim From Your Insurance

At this point, you should claim from your insurance for your phone. If there are deductibles, you may need to pay up to $250 out of pocket before your insurance kicks in. The sooner you claim, the sooner you will be able to get your new phone. If you have the cash available to spend, you may be able to do so before your insurance claim goes through.

Claiming from insurance does not have to be a one-time event. While no one wants a heavy claims history, that shouldn’t stop you from claiming on large losses. Most renters insurance policies will let you make unlimited claims in a year.

The process should not take too long, as insurers understand how important a smartphone is in this day and age. This is why you don’t need to stress that much if you lose track of your phone. While you may struggle to function at work for a day, you will soon be back on track.

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