Tips and Tricks For Microsoft Windows

Windows 10 is by far the most appreciated and used operating system for computers. However, just that you have it on your desktop or laptop doesn’t mean you’re making the most of all the capabilities it provides. If you’re one of the many Windows users, you’re likely to stay with what you’re familiar with and stay in your comfort zone. This operating system is loaded with features designed to save you time. 

Take a look at the below points, with step-by-step instructions for activating these features. Do not worry about it.

Pro tip: Before using, any of these tips make sure you have an active and steady internet connection. A strong and speedy connection like CenturyLink en EspaƱol can make a huge difference in user experience. Moreover, some of these tips work with a good internet connection.

Let us have a look.

1.     Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s virtual assistant, which assists you in completing various tasks. Think of her as Amazon’s Alexa, or Siri, but just in Windows 10. You probably have been asked to enable Cortana when you first set up Windows 10 for the first time. If not, here’s the best way to begin:

  • You can activate Cortana by pressing or tapping to start Cortana.
  • Select Use Cortana. Choose yes, if you wish to use speech, inking (support for using a digital pen), and personalization of your typing activated. This will help Cortana become familiar with you better and assist her with different tasks. You can also select to turn off the feature if you do not want this feature to be turned on.
  • Cortana is now sitting on your taskbar in the lower right corner of the screen. You can get her to wake up through a quick “Hey, Cortana,” If you have enabled it, or by pressing the Cortana icon on your taskbar, which appears to be an elongated circle and is just to the left of your search window.

2.     Start talking and take notes

Instead of writing notes or writing an essay instead, you can speak to your computer. You can also use your computer to control it by speaking to it, like opening menus, launching programs, and pressing buttons.

  • Enter Speech in the search box next to the start icon. Click the Enter key or press the button that reads Windows Speech Recognition > Next.
  • Select the kind the microphone that you are using like a headset, desktop microphone, or one built into your computer itself. Click Next.
  • Go through the steps, conduct a quick audio test, and finally, make sure that the toggle is turned on alongside, Dictate text. You can also control your device with your voice.
  • Put your cursor in any text field, directly in Windows 10 or in an application like Microsoft Word. Click the Windows logo key and H and begin talking into the computer’s microphone.

3.     Activate God Mode

It’s probably too specific for the majority of people, however, if you are a power user or an IT professional who needs access to the entirety of Windows Control Panels within one folder, God Mode is for you. Right-click on the desktop and choose the “New” > Folder. Change the name of the new folder using this line of code:

God Mode. {ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}

To enter God Mode, or Windows Master Control Panel shortcut, which is what it is officially known as, just double-click on the folder and then go wild.

4.     Take Measurements

Windows includes several built-in apps that might appear useless but have useful hidden functions. For example, the Calculator application can calculate how much difference two dates make and convert virtually any measure such as energy, time mass, temperature, and even currencies.

5.     Drag to Pin Windows

We all work in multiple places. We all multitask, as well. Windows 10 makes it simple by allowing you to pin windows to different sections on display. Take any window and drag it towards the right or left edge of the screen. It can “fit” to that half of the screen. You can also drag windows to any four corners of the screen to secure them to the corner. 

You can trigger the same behavior with a specific window by using the Windows key with either four directional Arrows. For instance, you could move an open window to the left of the screen by using the left arrow and Win shortcut. After that, you can use Win + upward or downward arrows, and the window will be snapped into the corner.

6.     Focus Assist

Focus Assist gives you greater control over notifications that appear on your computer. Navigate into Settings > System > Focus Assistance and switch off the most irritating notifications to work at your own pace. You can choose to set Focus Assist to turn on at specific times and only allow certain notifications through or operate under certain conditions.

7.     Dark/Light mode

Windows 10 gives you substantial control over the color theme. You can go to the Settings menu, and then Personalization, Colors, and you can change the operating system in either dark or light mode. The themes alter the colors of your Start menu and the taskbar, actions center File Explorer, settings menus, and any other compatible software.


I hope you like these hidden gems. Try these tricks and see if it makes any difference to your user experience.

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