When is a Tablet a Better Choice than a Desktop or Laptop?

If you’re looking at adding a new internet-capable system into your home life, then chances are you’re taking a look at a few different devices including a tablet, desktop, or laptop. Because the technology for all these systems has come so far, there’s significant overlap in what each device can do. While this is great in terms of accessibility, it can also introduce points of confusion. With that in mind, we wrote this article to cover a few of tablets’ greatest advantages, to help you see if one of these mobile computers is the right fit for your home.

For Reading

The act of displaying text is practically the same no matter which of the three systems you choose, but tablets unquestionably come out ahead on the convenience of reading. With a simple e-reader app, users can turn any tablet into a portable bookshelf. Capable of holding thousands of books at once, these systems can be enjoyed anywhere at home or on the go, without the chunkiness of other methods.

The only real downside to this method is that the battery life of a tablet for reading doesn’t quite measure up to a device built entirely around eBook reading like the Kindle Paperwhite series. Playing with energy settings and carrying a power bank around can alleviate this issue, however.

General Internet Browsing

A few years ago, we couldn’t have suggested tablets as strong internet browsing devices thanks to the difficulties that many websites have had with mobile site scaling. Thanks to the move over the last few years to HTML5, this issue is a thing of the past.

Today, practically every form of browsing modern websites is perfectly well suited to tablets, with all the added benefits offered by mobile accessibility. This applies to websites with interactive elements like those on casino online options too. From signing up and claiming deposit bonuses and free bets to general navigation, tablets are no longer second-class devices. With the growth of the online casino industry, many of the sites have led the way with implementing all of their services and features into one cohesive experience, whether it’s a PC or a laptop.

Light Interactive Entertainment

Tablets can be powerful, but they’re usually not great fits for the most demanding interactive experiences like AAA video games. Even if the device is fast enough to run a title at full speed, input concerns for traditional games place them behind the potential of laptops and desktops. The opposite is true when it comes to lighter interactive entertainment, however.

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For apps built with mobile play in mind, the tablet is the naturally superior choice. Simple touch controls on the large screens of tablets make them easy to navigate, and low demand on graphics chips means the experiences will appear at full quality without compromise. From less demanding mobile ports of titles like PUBG to simple games like 2048, tablets are strong contenders.

Portable Video Playback

According to current stats, over 70% of YouTube traffic comes from mobile systems. Simple convenience is often held as the reason for this, and this convenience extends to longer video sessions too. Whether streaming Hulu movies or something much shorter, the portability of tablets again makes them better choices in video over desktops and laptops.

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If you’ve been putting off buying a tablet for fear of learning a new system, or if you’re unsure if they can yet measure up, then it might be time to rethink your position. Whether for you or a friend/family member, tablets are easy to use, simple to learn, and can boast significant advantages in ergonomics and accessibility. Even if just for a test run, consider checking out what you’ve been missing, and you might be surprised to find a new favourite.

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