What is the high school graduation rate in Afghanistan?

What is the high school graduation rate in Afghanistan?

It is rare for Afghan children to drop out of school once they are enrolled. Approximately 85 percent of children who start primary school also finish primary school. Plus, nearly 94 percent of boys and 90 percent of girls who start secondary school also finish secondary school.

What is the graduation rate in Afghanistan?

Percentage of graduates from tertiary education who are female (%) in Afghanistan was reported at 23.55 % in 2018, according to the World Bank collection of development indicators, compiled from officially recognized sources.

How many people go to school in Afghanistan?

Reform and reconstruction have occurred at the other levels as well. In 2015, Afghanistan’s Ministry of Education reported that “the annual number of secondary graduates [had] risen from about 10,000 in 2001 to more than 266,000 in 2013 and [was] estimated to reach 320,000 in 2015.” Tertiary enrollments increased dramatically as well.

What was the education situation in Afghanistan in 2007?

The obstacles to education were even more numerous for Afghan girls. Afghanistan’s then Education Minister, Mohammad Hanif Atmar, said in 2007 that 60% of students were studying in tents or other unprotected structures, and some parents refused to let their daughters attend schools in such conditions.

Is it expensive to go to College in Afghanistan?

Financial considerations are likely one factor at play: Given Afghanistan’s $1,933 GDP per capita income, even the cheapest U.S. college education is an extremely expensive option for Afghan students.

Where are the worst affected schools in Afghanistan?

A school in Jalrez, in the Wardak province of Afghanistan is in the final stage of construction on September 30, 2009. Afghanistan is one of the worst affected countries by violence against schools, with 770 incidents of attacks on education in 2008. Violence on students prevented nearly 5 million Afghan children from attending school in 2010.

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