Can you swim at Googong Dam?

Can you swim at Googong Dam?

Kayaks, sail boats and electric watercraft are permitted on Googong Dam, however life jackets must be worn. Dogs are not allowed at Googong Foreshores including the dam. Swimming is not permitted. Human and animal contact with the water can transmit human infectious disease.

What time does googong close?

Googong Foreshores is a day use area only, so take note of this when planning your visit. The opening hours for the reserve are usually from 8am to 5pm, with the southern end of the reserve closing one hour earlier than the northern end. Consequently, camping is not permitted in the reserve.

Where is the Googong Dam?

Queanbeyan River
Location and features. Completed in 1979, the Googong Dam is a minor dam on the Queanbeyan River and Bradleys Creek and is located approximately 5 kilometres (3.1 mi) south of the city of Queanbeyan on the lower reaches of the river.

Why is googong dam closed?

19 November 2021. Googong Foreshore South, including London Bridge, Woolshed and Tin Hut recreation areas, is closed until further notice due to the current wet weather creating dangerous conditions on the gravel access road.

Is googong dam closed?

The dam is open to fishing all year. Streams and rivers are closed to fishing from the end of the long weekend in June to the beginning of the long weekend in October. NSW fishing regulations apply and a NSW fishing licence is required.

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Is googong Dam open?

What is there to do around the Googong Dam?

There are two areas of the Googong Dam Foreshore to explore – north and south. The Northern Foreshore is closest to the dam and has a boat ramp, fishing area, lookouts, bushwalks and picnic areas to enjoy. Perhaps take an esky and have a BBQ after your walk, to enjoy this quiet location a little longer.

Is the Googong Dam circuit the best mountain bike trail in Singapore?

Although it may seem like an easy ride on fire trails, the Googong Dam Circuit shouldn’t be underestimated. Filled with steep and loose rocky surface in areas, this trail is not for the faint-hearted. Despite its at times challenging terrain, the circuit is a rewarding and pleasant ride for a seasoned mountain biker.

What are the best walks in the Googong area?

With the exception of the 200 metre Cascades Walk, this is the shortest walk in the Googong area and provides good views down to the dam with limited exertion. One of the best known walks in the region due to the instantly recognisable ‘bridge’ formed from natural stone. An easy walk that can be extended to include surrounding heritage areas.

What is the Googong Shoreline Walk?

The Googong Shoreline Walk is as the name suggests a walk that skirts the shoreline of Googong Dam before heading back to the car park in a loop. The trail is well worn, not difficult to navigate and there is strategically placed signage and seating where you need.

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