What Are Live Casino Games?

One of the latest trends in online casino gaming is live games. Live titles are designed to closely emulate the feeling of attending a brick-and-mortar casino by including a real dealer. As such, live casino games are sometimes called live dealer games.

The setup is simple: an online casino hires real dealers, then live streams their dealing straight to a player’s device. The player is interacting with a real person, who facilitates the game just like they would at a traditional establishment. Players simply select what they want to do next, then this decision is transmitted to the dealer.

As mentioned above, live games are one of the newest and most popular features for online-casino sites. As the trend develops, many companies continue to onboard new titles for live formats. For example, Wildz offers baccarat, blackjack, 3-card poker, and Hold’em Poker. One of their latest rollouts is craps, which was added in late 2020.

This isn’t likely to stop anytime soon, as many online casino enthusiasts actively search for the latest experience in virtual iGaming. So, what makes the live casino game experience so unique and exciting for players?

A Live-Streaming Experience

It’s important to note that the live-streaming experience is a one-way interaction. While players can communicate what they’d like to do, whether calling or folding or splitting, they aren’t connected to a video chat. In other words, players can see the dealer—not the other way around.

Though only a one-way interaction, a live dealer game brings a new quality to the gaming experience. For many table game enthusiasts used to feeling the green felt at their fingertips, engaging with a live dealer helps emulate the gaming experience they might miss from a brick-and-mortar casino—all from the comfort of playing from home on a laptop or mobile device.

This includes aspects like shuffling. Online poker and blackjack rely on random number generators (RNGs) to ensure randomness in dealing, while a live dealer shuffles the deck as normal. For some gamers, it’s the small details like this that make all the difference. And combined with the comfort of playing at home, there’s no better combination.

Adding Depth & Social Connection

Aside from adding a real-life feel to online gaming, live casino titles also create a new type of social connection. After all, blackjack and poker enthusiasts who head to their local casino often have a preferred dealer, and might even schedule their casino trips around that dealer’s schedule.

Sometimes, it’s about friendly chat and connection. Other times, players might feel they perform better with certain dealers. This sentiment is often carried over into live casino titles. While not every online casino site has hammered out how to let players request certain dealers, this may very well become a standardized feature in the coming years.

At the moment, most companies are looking to diversify their live titles. As mentioned above, Wildz rolled out a live craps experience. Looking ahead, other live experiences might incorporate game shows, such as Evolution Gaming’s Football Studio and Dream Catcher.

Live Dealer Etiquette

One of the first things casino newcomers notice is the unspoken set of rules on a casino floor. Much of this etiquette revolves around how to treat dealers and other players at a table. The same consideration should be offered to live dealers—but what are the rules of engagement in a virtual setting?

The basics are simple. First, it can be cumbersome for players to wait around while a beginner figures out the rulebook. It’s best to join live games that you’re already familiar with. Second, keep an eye out for budget-appropriate tables. Sitting down to leave after playing only a few hands might be a waste of time when there’s another table that fits your budget.

Lastly, and most importantly, the fundamentals of etiquette boil down to kindness. Casino gaming can get intense, but it’s always vital to treat a live dealer and other players with respect.

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