Top 3 books for your Book Club 2022

Book clubs might be something you associate with older women, Oprah, or lots of wine (or maybe all three).

But that’s not all they have.

In a book club, you can talk to people and no one will look at you funny if you pretend the characters are real people. Book clubs are a great way to create a sense of community with other readers. You can chat for hours with people who like the same authors as you, or discuss the merits of a particular character.

In any case, this is a more reasonable way to lead an active social life, particularly if you’re an introvert and a bookworm.

Sitting down to read a great book is an escape: you have the opportunity to think about ideas that you might never have thought of if you hadn’t chosen the novel in the first place.

But while reading a new story on your own is often a great way to unwind, sometimes you just want to discuss what you’re reading with someone else to take those ideas off the page and out into the world. If you’re already a part of a book club, or you want to join one, we recommend getting the books on this list. Just get a good Internet Service Provider (ISP) so you can download an e-version of the books. It’ll be easier to access books from your devices rather than carrying around a hard copy. If you are fed up with your current ISP and looking to change, we suggest turning to Cox Internet. They have plenty of feasible internet packages, and also offer other bundles as well.

Once your internet is set, let us get into our top picks.

1.    The Great Alone by Kristin Hannah

In The Great Alone, the Albright family moves to a small town in Alaska to start a new life. Ernst, father, Vietnam veteran, and former POW who struggled emotionally after the war. Cora, his wife, loves him and tries to help him.

 Leni, their daughter, is filled with hope when they first arrive at the small Kanek outpost. But as the days get shorter and the skies darken as winter approaches, Ernst’s moods and fleeting gusts rise to the surface. When Leni grows up, she and her mother will have to deal with Ernst and the demons that haunt him.

It is a story about surviving in the unforgiving wilderness of Alaska and growing up with an abusive and fickle father.

Some questions to consider for your Book club discussion could be:

Do you think the world feels dangerous today?

Do you think the riots of the 1970s are relevant today? Can we learn from them?

What does The Great Alone have to say about the idea of turning their backs on people and society’s problems?

2.    The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

The novel’s simple yet fantastical premise turns Nora’s story into a contemporary parable that explores regret, pain, and the richness of life’s mundane.

An elegant account of existential misery and the experiences it can uncover, The Midnight Library is a compelling story and an uplifting antidote to the self-improvement cult: a manifesto of true self-acceptance.

The twisted logic of major depression holds true and is articulated well. The inner landscape of Nora is artfully depicted on the page. Self-harm is discussed with calm and grace throughout the novel.

Questions to consider for this book could be:

Have you ever wondered what your life would be like now if you had made a different choice?

If you somehow ended up in a place like the Midnight Library, what would you do?

Would you like to see all the possible outcomes of your life?

3.    Verity by Colleen Hoover

In the fictionalized sensational novel, Verity represents Lowen, a writer who is unable to support herself financially due to the recent death of her mother.

Desperate, Lowen accepts a job offer that she doesn’t like but could earn her a lifetime. When Lowen signs a co-writing contract with Verity Crawford, a well-known writer who is currently unemployed, it becomes necessary to finish what this popular author started.

To review Verity’s work, Lowen travels to her childhood home to negotiate the terms of her contract. Lowen searches for Verity’s records and belongings only to make a shocking discovery. A mysterious manuscript that describes the life story of Verity.

This gripping, confessional-style story recounts all the tragic events that befell the Verity family.

Some questions for discussion:

What do you think of the “truth” of this novel? What do you think really happened?

Is Lowen a likable character? And Jeremy?

What do you think of Verity? About her relationship with Jeremy and her children?

Wrapping it up

Discover our edition of the book club’s best books, from timeless classics to contemporary masterpieces guaranteed to spark thoughts and opinions from everyone at the table. Stay tuned for more!

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