Best Websites and Tools for UI/UX Designers

Design is the introduction of a brand and if an introduction is remarkable, you know the product will be worth it. The importance of design is not just limited to tangible products but also services and the software industry. So far, the most complex and creative part of any software is the UI/UX. Although, UI/UX designer intends to attract a customer but deep down, there is much more going on.

Since UI and UX are so important for businesses, only the top talent enters this industry. You get paid handsomely, but the work is far too draining if you complete it manually. This is where you need an automation tool. No matter how senior you are, working smart will save you time and effort. If you are a designer looking for ways to save time, you need to look for some good tools and websites for UI/UX design work.

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Best Websites and Tools for UI/UX Designers 

As a UI/UX designer, your job is to bring an “A-Game” to the table. You will be the center point that will present and compile functions aesthetically. From complex frameworks to mockups, and visually appealing designs that address the needs, your design will be the star of the show.

The focus of UI is on the functionality of the product. On the contrary, UX design is all about the experience. From organizing the content to adding buttons and CTA, for easy navigation, everything is very important. Both UI and UX might seem like polar opposites, but without perfect sync, you will lose the essence of the product.

If you do not believe in the importance of UI/UX design, you do not need to take our word for it, instead, believe the numbers. A study by forester reveals that UI can boost website conversion by 200% and when paired with perfect UX design, the conversion rate spikes up to 400%.

Here are some fun and easy websites and tools that every UI/UX designer needs to know about:

1.     Figma

Standout feature: Perfect cloud-based design collaboration tool

Price: Free – $12 per month for each user

Downside: Free plan only has limited features

If you work from home or have a client that requires constant updates, Figma will become your go-to collaboration tool. With Figma, you can manage content, build team libraries, store versions of the same work, make overlays, and set audio conversations in the same place. The best thing about this tool is that you can offer options and versions of the same task. Perfect for split testing, Figma comes with a sketching pen tool as well.

For setting reminders and adding scribbles, you can also access sticky notes, pin important things and track task progress and contributor details in real-time. It also allows third-party tool integration including Zeplin, Pendo, Maze, and Confluence.

2.     Protopie

Standout feature: The perfect tool for mapping and predicting interaction

Price: Free – $11 per month for each user

Downside: 30 days limited trial

Design realistic apps by using visualization. This tool allows you to map the interaction for each design element. While other tools offer you no visualization of the final product, with Protopie, you can have the feel of the final product as you work. In case you have developed an interaction library, you can simply add it anywhere you want without using any code.

The prototype can later be shared with the whole team and even with the client. The tools come with direction interaction space to make communication seamless. Protopie also offers easy integration with other designing tools like Sketch, Adobe XD, and Figma for easy work.

3.     Sketch

Standout feature: The perfect tool for setting design processes   

Price: Free – $9 per month for each user

Downside: No free plan and might take longer for industry-standard updates 

Sketch is a one-stop solution for all your basic UI/UX issues. This tool allows you to utilize the vector graphic pen and later share the design with the team. Moreover, the team and the client have full feedback control. Sketch allows you to share prototypes, add user research and then automate workflow. Since it is a community-based platform, you will have everything required for project management, report analysis, and data export option for easy sharing.

As a designer who multi-tasks daily, you can create a repository for future use as well. You can also integrate your account with other designing tools like Maze, Protopie, Flinto, and Abstract.

4.     Adobe XD

Standout feature: All-rounder tool for people with adobe designing tool knowledge

Price: Free – $9.99 per month for each user

Downside: Not very good with motion graphics and animation

Completing a designing tool list without listing Adobe is difficult. Adobe is known to be the royalty among designing software. With vector-based interface designing tools that are perfect for prototypes and mockups alike, you will be able to have full control of the design. The tool also allows real-time collaboration so you can edit things on the go.

Although, Adobe is known to be the magnum opus of the design industry but does not get your hopes up for Adobe XD, according to industry standards. The tool is still in progress but it is a decent tool for avid adobe users.

5.     Webflow

Standout feature: All-rounder tool with in-built visual canvas 

Price: Free – $12 per month for each user

Downside: Doesn’t support all development languages

If you know the basics of designing but are not familiar with any scripting language, Webflow will be the best for you. With the drag-and-drop feature, you can create complex designs and workflows without extra effort. Through Webflow, you can design a prototype of the website and assign it directly to the developer.

The tool also allows you to skip lengthy work by using the templates, which only makes work easier. Webflow is so far the most popular tool that is preferred by designers and developers, simultaneously.

Wrap Up

To sum it up, the process of designing is complex but with the help of these tools, you can cut the lengthy work and easily deliver quality work on time.

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