The best casino games for logical minds

There are casino games out there to suit pretty much everyone, no matter your interests and how your brain is wired. Some people prefer to go with games of total chance, which makes for a level playing field. It really doesn’t matter if you know what you are doing or not with these games – as long as you can place your bet and play a slot game, you’ve got a chance.

However, if you have a logical mind and your brain is more wired to enjoy things that require some consideration, then you might be looking for casino games that allow you to put your skills to use.

When you access a bonus code for Mohegan Sun casino or for any other online casino company, you will find a wide range of games and we’ve explained some of the best choices below, based on how your mind actually works.

If you are a tech lover and the sort of person who wants lossless audio and has to have the latest computer or device, then there is every chance that your brain is going to be wired in a logical way and you enjoy using technology, so you might be the sort of person to play online casino games that require skill.

Games for logical minds

Let’s look into the games you might want to play if your logical mind is in need of some stimulation from your online gambling.

Notice that we’ve left out games such as roulette – if you understand how roulette works, you’ll know there is actually no skill involved in playing at all. This doesn’t mean you can’t play and enjoy it but it does mean that you can’t do anything to boost your chances of winning.


In terms of games where you can learn about the potential outcomes and make your choices accordingly, poker is definitely the best for using skill and trying to win based on your knowledge and ability.

Texas Hold‘em is the most popular type of poker, and your logical mind will probably really enjoy learning about how the game itself works, along with all of the potential outcomes. Knowing which cards you have, and how likely it is that they will win you the hand, is one of the key ways to maximize your winnings.

You can’t guarantee a win as there is always an element of luck, but the greatest poker players tend to have a really good grasp of the skill and logic involved, not to mention the fact that you can potentially read the table and the other players to your advantage, once you know what you are doing.


There is only a very limited skill element in craps, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize your potential and make some decisions based on the outcome of the game. Ultimately, it still comes down to the roll of the dice, but you can change your strategy based on what has happened, and have different methods, both more conservative and more risky.

The decision-making is one of the only ways you can influence the game, and how you bet can make a bit of an impact. Plus, the game is good fun.


Blackjack is similar to craps in that you can’t affect the outcome, but you can choose a strategy for when to bet, and statistics can play a part in your blackjack betting strategy. There are certain hands where the odds are in your favor and hands where they really aren’t, so you can choose to either ‘stick’ or ‘hit’ accordingly.

This game is incredibly popular for a number of different reasons, so don’t be surprised to find it in virtually every casino, both land-based and online. Your logical mind will know that it is not inevitable that you win but it is nice to have a strategy.


You’ll notice that there are a lot of games we’ve left out of the list, but this is only on the assumption that you want to use skill in some way.

Just like anyone else, there will be different times when different games take your fancy, so you can have a go at things like slots, if you wish. Of course, you can’t affect the result in the same way, but you can choose to play these games instead if that is what you want.

Your logical mind will always want some form of stimulation, so you may prefer to create a strategy for your favorite casino games.

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