Secret doors from the movies in the home interior

Secret doors from the movies in the home interior


The desire of mankind for everything unusual makes marketing experts and manufacturers every time to come up with something new to surprise the sophisticated public. So, there were secret doors for sale, which are used by various stores.

Today, it is more and more common to find monolithic interior design solutions, when the door merges with the walls or curtains, when looking around, it is impossible to understand where the exit is.

How to create a secret door effect

There are plenty of ways to hide the leaf, so each apartment owner chose the right one for himself. The most common ones are:

  1. Maintaining the same texture, color palette will help to create an invisible effect. For this purpose, the leafs for painting are used. The door should be installed before the finishing work. It is possible to apply the same paint for the walls and the leaf. If the walls are wallpapered, the presence of vertical strips on them can make the gaps in the opening more unnoticeable.
  2. The use of moldings on the walls and leaf will create the illusion of no door. The process will be more energy-consuming, but the result will surpass all expectations.
  3. Masking under cabinets. It looks especially effective on the walls, where closets are located from floor to ceiling. This is how you can hide the door from the corridor to the bathroom. The main goal is to repeat the furniture fittings, the pattern, if there is one. There should be a sense of closet integrity.
  4. Shelf doors. It’s not just about concealment, it’s also about functionality. A bookcase as a door-shelf is an idea from magic movies. It is beautiful, mysterious and unusual, but it is important to understand that such a leaf requires reinforced fasteners. 
  5. Mechanism. It is often not the standard swing doors that are used to create an aura of secrecy, but the swivel mechanism. Its peculiarity is the absence of handles. 
  6. Mirrors. Such surfaces are not used in magician movies for nothing. The illusion of space is perfectly created with the help of mirror doors.

So, there are many ways to bring a twist to the design of the apartment. Even in such an interior detail as a door, you can show imagination, creativity, to demonstrate the originality of your thinking.


The advantages of using secret doors include exclusivity and maintaining the integrity of the style. Of course, such design solutions cost more than conventional door systems, but the impressive result from them is much greater. The website offers a wide range of concealed doors to implement the most daring design solutions.

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