AI in Travel: What Advantages Can It Bring?

Technology today dominates almost all aspects of our lives. Today, people are connected globally with better apps and devices that allow them to do more. However, with more advanced technologies humans today are enabling computers and machines to learn human behavior and pattern making it more convenient for users around the world. In many ways, AI is also transforming the travel and tourism industry as many companies today rely on new technologies that can make things easier for consumers.

Let’s take a quick look at the 5 benefits that AI is already offering in the travel and tourism industry.

Better Ticket Booking Experience

Every travel experience begins with hotel and flight bookings. Travelers prefer to book their flights and hotels in advance to ensure a better experience. With intelligent chatbots incorporates into various social media sites travelers can make better decisions based on their interaction with these AI assistants. If you are planning to head for a cruise trip these chatbots can help you book an unforgettable cruise through the Mediterranean without having to search for a travel agent. These AI assistants can also offer you suggestions based on your requirements making life easier for both travel companies and travelers.

Efficient Flight Forecasting

While many travelers prefer to make use of flights to move around they also have no control over the prices that they will get when they are booking tickets. However, with the help of artificial intelligence new AI-driven apps are designed to provide flight forecasts based on weather conditions, booking patterns and other factors. These apps offer smart predictions and insights for booking cheaper flights helping them save money and secure the best deals.

AI Voice Tour

Often when travelers are visiting new destinations they hire local guides that would provide them with information on the places they want to explore. However, with new AI touring apps travelers can enter what type of places they would want to explore and artificial intelligence can come up with a list of attractions that match their needs. With this, AI can help you travel like a local and save time and money. These AI-powered apps can provide a virtual voice tour and take travelers across various restaurants, cultural spots, and local attractions and help them learn more.

AI-powered Hotel Rooms

Various luxury hotels are now using AI to find out more about their customer’s needs and preferences. For this, they are incorporating artificial intelligence which allows the guests to give instructions to AI that understands voice commands via natural language processing. With this, guests can request the AI to play certain music or stream a specific movie and make themselves comfortable for the day. Also, it allows the hotels to find out what a majority of their guests would want when they check in and how they make themselves comfortable.

AI for Brand Management

Various top hotel chains and brands would want to keep a close watch on what customers have to say about their brand and the experiences they had. With AI-powered tools, these brands can keep a close watch on negative or unsatisfactory reviews and respond to them immediately to assure a positive online presence and brand reputation.

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