Main Things to Know About Dating a Bisexual

For all the negatives about the contemporary society we seem to hear on the news or social media posts, there are also so many positives. When it comes to relationships, the world has become a much more inclusive place than it was even a decade ago. People tend to be confident about expressing feelings, especially when admitting their sexuality or gender identity.

Perhaps you’ve found yourself questioning your true feelings. After a life of being attracted to the opposite sex, have you ever harbored thoughts of wishing to explore alternatives? These days, terms like bisexuality or gender fluid are increasingly entering the lexicon. Whether you’re bi-curious or have genuine aims to start dating a bisexual, here are the top five aspects of bisexuality you need to appreciate.

1. Bisexuality Isn’t Another Word for Promiscuous

There’s a widespread assumption that anyone who states they are bisexual is simply eager to indulge in as many casual encounters as possible and isn’t too fussy about who they end up sleeping with. This is a ridiculous stereotype. If you go online to check out a bisexual female dating site, you’ll quickly discover this to be a vibrant social hub where like-minded individuals can congregate, safe in the knowledge nobody will ever question why the other site users they are attracted to are liable to alter.

So, a much better description of a bisexual is that their desires aren’t cast in stone. They might have known they were attracted to males and females ever since they entered puberty. Or, they could have lived their adult life in a certain way but are now keen to experiment on deeper notions about love and romance (thoughts they’d been keeping to themselves up until now). The bottom line is that they are attracted to people first and their genitalia a distant second. This doesn’t mean they’d sleep with anyone. Your bisexual partner will be just as willing to commit to your partnership as you.

2. Bisexuality Is Not a Niche Area

According to surveys about sexual identity, one fact consistently being revealed is the extent to which bisexuality exists in the community. Rather than being a minority, that ‘B’ initial is the most prevalent among the various demographics listed under the umbrella acronym LGBTQ. This is especially the case among the younger generation (Millennials and Gen Z), where between 25-30% of individuals admit they are neither straight nor gay.

When questions about gender identity and sexual orientation were posed to members of the LGBTQ community specifically, that figure was even higher – closer to 50% of LGBTQ individuals will admit to being bisexual. This begs the question, if they are so prevalent, why are they not represented more prominently as characters on TV shows and movies or in the music industry? The answer has got to be down to lingering pockets of prejudice. Bisexuals are often compelled to keep their innermost emotions to themselves.

3. People Often Try to Mask Their True Feelings

An attribute shared by many bisexuals is this need to deny who they are. This is down to not wishing to invoke any of those cliched preconceptions. At work, they might lie about being heterosexual or gay for the simple reason there are too many ignorant people who’d jump to all the wrong conclusions about their lifestyle.

4. Bisexual Individuals Are Fluid About Preferences

You can’t assume a bisexual will be attracted to males one moment and then females the next. This isn’t a cyclical thing. It’s very much down to individual tastes. Some bisexuals are keen to interact with straight guys. That could change, and instead, they find themselves drawn to other gender-fluid singles.

5. Biphobia Is a Thing

Although people are well aware of prejudice against gays, lesbians, and transsexuals, they might not appreciate that almost 60% of bi respondents in surveys have reported being subjected to biphobic jokes at work. Bisexuals certainly don’t fly below the radar – they are just as likely to face ignorant comments.

By way of inspiration, it would be worth listing some celebrities who have refused to allow their bi nature to impede success. Movie star Megan Fox has been open about her fluid attraction. Lady Gaga is another prominent bi celeb. There are many more. Kristin Stewart of the Twilight franchise. US singer/songwriter Frank Ocean.

For your bisexual romance to prosper, you need to ensure you understand their inner feelings and also that you never take them for granted. You should constantly be looking at ways to underline the strength of your commitment. Make advance plans, such as booking a romantic getaway in the future – and know the pitfalls to avoid when organizing a vacation. Inject your bi romance with passion by springing surprise gifts. Your aim should be to make your partner happy with their current soulmate.

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