Is Fishing Becoming a More Accessible Pastime Thanks to Slots and Advanced Technology?

Fishing is one of the most popular hobbies in the world, and around 55 million Americans went to cast lines in water in 2020 alone. That’s over 15% of the population, and the figure could be higher if more people had access to it. The reason for this is that fishing appears to be one of the most popular genres in the gaming market, highlighting how many people love the theme. Virtual reality could help bring the pastime to more people, and fishing simulators may be about to get seriously advanced.

The slots market can be a good indicator of what is popular in mainstream culture, with developers often turning to much-loved themes to attract players. With games like Fishin’ Frenzy among the most played games in the online casino industry, it’s clear that the slippery creatures are a big draw for players. The title from Blueprint Gaming has been around since 2014, and it is still going strong today. There are even other variants of the title like the Jackpot King and Megaways versions.

There are plenty of other fishing-themed titles for players to choose from as well. These include Big Bass Bonanza and Big Fishing. These titles play on the fact that one of the main draws of real-world fishing is trying to get the largest catch possible. When spinning the reels, players are also trying to reel in the grandest prizes.

Relaxing Pastime but Unavailable to Many

With such a vast number of Americans enjoying fishing in their free time, you can’t help but wonder how many more people would go if they had access to bodies of water and the special equipment required. For some, it may be too hard to travel to a fishing spot. For others, the rods, hooks, bait, and lines may be a little too pricey.

There are numerous reasons why people enjoy fishing, and why it should be available to everyone. It is renowned for being a relaxing pastime where people can escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives. It can also be a challenge, encouraging people to try to beat their past records in terms of fish sizes. Luckily, these are vibes that can be recreated with technology.

Virtual Reality will Bring Fishing Experiences to More People

When VR becomes mainstream and the headsets are affordable for a greater number of people, there could be a huge spike in the number of users taking up fishing as a virtual pastime. The reason for this being likely is because developers are constantly striving to create realistic fishing games and will almost certainly continue this progression in VR.

There is already the Real VR Fishing game from MIRAGESOFT for Oculus Rift, and this early offering shows the potential of the genre on the platform. In the future, as VR becomes even more advanced, it may be hard to differentiate between real world and virtual fishing.

Games and future technology are certainly helping in making fishing a more accessible pastime. In the future, it won’t matter where you live. If you want to go fishing, all you’ll have to do is strap on a VR headset.

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