Why Is Graphic Design in Email Marketing Important?

Probably, email is the most recognized and widely used communication tool globally. Indeed, it’s difficult to imagine a person who has never sent or received an email in their life. With the rapid development of various social media and other new communication platforms, many people predicted the downfall of the email era. Luckily, this never happened. On the contrary, email seems to be even in higher use than ever before. One of its key success factors is its multipurpose use, meaning that it can be utilized in all settings and environments imaginable ranging from sharing a quiche recipe among friends to passing around a crucial CEO address towards all employees of the company. Marketing industry is no exception here as it also makes a maximum use of this efficient tool to spread out its message. However, many marketing experts experienced a situation when their elaborate mass emails have not received the response from the target audience they had hoped for without any evident reason for that. Does it ring your bell? The thing is that, when it comes to marketing emails, the emphasis almost surely is on the content – which is the most important thing of course – while the graphic design part is often overlooked. Yet, an email design matters and, if not considered, can become a real deal-breaker. Let’s take a closer look at this issue.

Every Little Detail Counts

Surprisingly enough, but the overwhelming popularity of email has its downsides too. Every day people receive so many various emails, that they don’t read or sometimes don’t even open all of them. This means that the battle for the customer’s attention starts from the very beginning, and it’s often such little things as font type and size, color combination, icon image that will cause the recipient either to open and real an email or send it to the bin without so much as reading the first line. To make sure that your email grabs the customer’s eye from the first second you should make it look professionally-designed and easily recognized. And if you are not a highly skilled designer, the best solution is to make use of an email banner creator.

Use Graphic Design to make your Emails More Engaging

Remember that marketing emails are sent for a clear purpose and not just for the fun of it. In general, the success of any digital marketing campaign is measured by the click-and-open rate. Statistical data show that, if approached wisely, emails can yield a very high performance rate. Still, to achieve it, you should use graphic means to make your email compelling to the customer. The body of your email must have a clear-cut structure. Such components as subject line, recipient’s name or title and your key message must stand out and be easily readable. We have no doubt that your company has many interesting offers to make to the target audience, but don’t try to squeeze all of them in one email. The rule is one objective per email. Sometimes you might consider adding another one, but only if they are closely connected.

Don’t Overdo It

Though a good graphic design does make a big difference, it’s important to understand here that it is never an independent self-sufficient element of the email, not an art by itself. The content is of primary priority whereas design servers as a background to showcase it in the best light. Don’t overburden your email with some sophisticated diagrams and tables, unnecessary attachments and multi-level structure. A simple layout consisting of one, maximum two, columns of text is the best variant to stick to.

Add Life to Your Email

The incorporation of video into an email has become a new trend recently, and we believe it’s a wonderful idea. Sometimes the best way to get your message through to your target audience is to show it. For example, think of a situation when you intend to inform your customers about some activity or event – a short video showing how it is supposed to be would be really an added value to your email. Another good example is a filming of your regular customer sharing her experiences of the use of your goods/services. The crucial thing here is to make it short and to the point. After all, you are not aiming for the Oscar, are you? Another nice option is GIFs. Used in the right place and time, this small animation can evoke the necessary emotion with the audience and spice up your email.

Don’t Be Afraid to Try

It doesn’t take a professionally-trained designer to make a nice graphic design for emails. With the help of the information provided in this article anyone can cope with this task, if they invest some time and effort in it. Don’t be scared to try and, when trying, don’t expect your first design to be perfect. However, with practice you will get better at it with every new email.  And we are absolutely sure that your customers will appreciate it.

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