How to choose the silhouette of a wedding dress for your figure

Even in such a matter as buying a wedding dress, you need a plan, then your head will not spin from the variety of shapes and styles, and the selection process will bring a lot of pleasure, and the result will really be exactly what you always dreamed of. We advise you to start preparing for choosing a dress not by going to wedding salons, but by yourself – that is, by deciding which style will suit your type of figure because modern wedding fashion has very elegant solutions for girls with completely different shapes.

What are the types of figures

Regardless of completeness, the main types of figures are distinguished, which are often compared with geometric shapes or even fruits. Of course, such a comparison is very relative and serves only for clarity. But in order to understand what type of figure you have, it is enough to carefully examine yourself in the mirror, ideally if it is a full-length mirror. So, there are five main types of figures:

1.  An Apple

2.  Hourglass

3.  Pear (triangle)

4.  Inverted triangle

5.  Rectangle

If it is difficult to determine your body type by eye

In this case, a centimeter tape will help us, with which we will need to measure:

·        Breast volume (according to the most protruding points)

·        Waist (at the narrowest part)

·        Hips (widest area)

We advise you to take all measurements in your usual underwear, you don’t need to pull in your stomach, you should feel comfortable in a wedding dress, so we carry out all measurements without stress, you can ask someone for help if you can’t do it yourself.

Measurement results

·        If your chest and hips are approximately the same sizes, while the waist is much smaller, this means that your body type is an hourglass.

·        If the chest and hips are approximately equal, but the waist does not stand out too much, then our body type is a rectangle.

·        When the volume of the hips is much larger than the volume of the chest, and at the same time the waist is pronounced, this means that we have such a type of figure as a pear.

·        In a situation where the volume of the chest is larger than the volume of the hips, which is often accompanied by broad shoulders, we have an inverted triangle.

·        This type of figure, like an apple, is characterized by an expressive volume of the chest and waist with narrow hips and slender legs.

Matching the style of the dress to the type of figure

Pear: to balance this type of figure, we advise you to look at models with voluminous sleeves and inserted shoulders, drapery in the chest area and anything that creates additional volume at the top will also look good.

Hourglass: focus on the waist, you can afford any experiments, the main thing is not to disturb the harmony of the upper and lower parts.

Rectangle: add volume to the hips and chest and focus on the waist, an empire style would be appropriate here, a wide skirt made of a material that keeps its shape, voluminous sleeves and other means of visually creating volume.

Inverted rectangle: we concentrate the entire volume at the bottom, highlight the waist, make out the top with long sleeves without unnecessary decorations, avoid narrow straps and wide necklines.

Apple: feel free to show your hands, as for the waist line, it is better to choose an empire style, so you can lengthen the proportions and compliment the chest.

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