The Best Use of RNGs in Gaming

In the gaming world, RNGs can be some of the most divisive mechanics. While there’s certainly a need for randomisation in a wide variety of gaming genres – with some even relying on being completely unpredictable – nevertheless, the inclusion of RNGs in competitive video games is often seen as irksome among pro gamers.  

However, random number generators can add plenty of value to a game when they’re implemented well. In this article, we’ll take a look at five times RNGs have been used to great effect in video games.  

Random Number Generators Explained 

Random number generators – or RNGs – are computational algorithms that generate a random sequence of numbers that lack any pattern and are completely unpredictable. They are applied to games to generate new sequences in accordance with specific in-game actions or events.  

When it comes to gaming, RNGs play a crucial role. They’re used to determine the outcome of events in games that have elements of chance which, in the current landscape, can refer to pretty much every game out there. RNGs are applied in different ways according to the game or gaming genre.  

For example, Sweet Bonanza is one of the most popular titles in the iGaming sector. Being a real money slot, this game has to deliver a new and unpredictable outcome anytime the reels are spun. Randomness is essential in casino games like this, and the reputation and licensing of platforms like PokerStars Casino depend on the efficiency of the RNGs they integrate.

When applied to the wider video gaming sector, RNGs can do everything from delivering the drop rates of in-game items to calculating enemy spawning patterns in order to add elements of unpredictability to the game. While some pro gamers may complain that games with RNGs aren’t random enough for players with elite skill sets, these elements of unpredictably ultimately make the game more exciting to play and increase its replay value.  

Furthermore, RNGs ensure that games remain fair by providing random and unbiased results. In multiplayer games, this is essential since it prevents a game from being rigged in favour of a particular player or even the game itself. From the starting positions of players to the order of turns, RNGs can randomise all aspects.  

The Best Use of RNGs in Games  

As we mentioned above, random number generators can be polarising in the gaming community, but some titles have implemented them brilliantly. Here are the five best uses of RNGs in modern video games.  

5. Genshin Impact 

Being a gacha game, Genshin Impact relies heavily on its random number generator. The whole concept behind gacha gaming is that gamers can collect new characters or items via “gacha pulls”, which need to be randomised to ensure fairness.  

4. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive 

RNGs aren’t just applied to video games to determine the possibilities of finding good loot or discovering a brand new character; they can also impact how bullets hit targets, as in the case of CS:GO. Players can also work with the RNG to improve their chances by attacking in closer ranges, with this added element of risk bringing more layers of challenge and excitement to the game.  

3. Fortnite 

RNGs are vital to the gameplay of battle royales like Epic Games’ Fortnite. They ensure that each match has a different feel, even when playing the same characters. They also determine the chances of weapons and items appearing in an area, thereby encouraging gamers to explore their surroundings. Fortnite’s developers have even used a random number generator to add rarities in the form of legendary weapons and items into the game.  

2. Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim 

RPGs, especially those from the Bethesda stable, are no strangers to utilising RNGs. In Skyrim, the developers have used random number generators to reward players based entirely on fairness. Throughout the Skyrim world, randomised loot can be discovered in all manner of dungeons and caves. The more a player explores the environment, the more loot they are likely to find. Even the quality of the loot is improved, with iron swords being replaced by steel in some places.  

1. Pokémon 

Pokémon games are surprisingly heavily reliant on random number generators. More than just affecting the chances of finding a brand new Pokémon, RNGs used in the series determine how likely it is to appear in a certain area, the percentage chance of its gender, and the likelihood of attacks hitting or missing.

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