Who published Encyclopedia Britannica?

Who published Encyclopedia Britannica? Encyclop√¶dia Britannica, Inc. Encyclop√¶dia Britannica/Publishers When was Britannica website published? 1994 In 1994 Britannica debuted the first Internet-based encyclopaedia. Users paid a fee to access the information, which was located at http://www.eb.com. In 1994 Britannica Online was released for subscription over the Internet. Can you still buy Encyclopedia Britannica? Encyclopedia Britannica […]

What is the importance of the mole?

What is the importance of the mole? The mole provides a link between an easily measured macroscopic property, bulk mass, and an extremely important fundamental property, number of atoms, molecules, and so forth. How can the knowledge about mole be useful for environment? It gives information on the most dangerous pollutant in the atmosphere. It […]

What countries have poison oak?

What countries have poison oak? diversilobum (western poison oak) and T. rydbergii (western poison ivy) are found in western North America, and T. orientale in Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Sakhalin. Where is poison oak most commonly found? western United States Poison oak is most common in the western United States, although it is also found […]

What was school like in ancient India?

What was school like in ancient India? In ancient India, both formal and informal ways of education system existed. Indigenous education was imparted at home, in temples, pathshalas, tols, chatuspadis and gurukuls. There were people in homes, villages and temples who guided young children in imbibing pious ways of life. Do all kids in India […]

What does line of longitude represent?

What does line of longitude represent? Longitude lines are a numerical way to show/measure how far a location is east or west of a universal vertical line called the Prime Meridian. This Prime Meridian line runs vertically, north and south, right over the British Royal Observatory in Greenwich England, from the North Pole to the […]

What do humans do with the ocean?

What do humans do with the ocean? Even if we do not eat seafood, fishmeal is used to feed poultry and pork as well as to organically fertilize crops for millennia. The ocean allows humans to trade, and gives many of us jobs in fisheries, trade, shipping, tourism and travel. The ocean also is a […]

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