Why Study Finance in 2022?

Students who are interested in understanding the global economy and the secrets behind money, investments and financial independence will find finance degrees a great choice.

Finance is one of oldest disciplines in the world. However, it remains one of most popular academic subjects. We make big and small financial decisions every day.

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However, what is the value of a Finance degree in 2022? If the answer is yes, then why not study Finance?

  1. Finance jobs are highly-paid and in high demand

Everybody depends on financial principles and strategies in today’s economy and world. All businesses, large and small, have to be able to finance their operations.

Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics in the USA shows that there has been a 5% increase in demand for financial analysts in the US and a 15% rise in demand for financial managers over the past 9-10 years. The median salary ranges between 81,000 to 129,000 USD per annum depending on what type of finance job you have and your work experience.

  • For a successful life, financial education is crucial

Let’s face facts: Knowledge is power. In a capitalist world, financial knowledge is a must. This is at least theoretically.

Understanding Finance, money and investments is only one thing. Personal finances are about more than just understanding them. It’s also about applying that knowledge, taking risks and being open to making mistakes and learning from them.

Finance students will be exposed to many courses and principles that can help them:

  • Understanding that money can make every decision emotionally
  • Understanding the difference between assets and liabilities is key.
  • Learn how to save money, have separate budgets for emergencies and travel, retirement, and children’s education.
  • Find out how and where to invest.

These financial concepts can be applied to your life to make it easier to track money, reduce unnecessary expenditures, and eventually reach financial independence, a goal that only a few people can achieve.

  • Finance teaches you how to tell the difference between value and price

Warren Buffett’s wise saying, “Price is what I pay; Value is what I get” teaches us an important lesson. Just because something is reduced or included in a deal doesn’t necessarily mean that it is worth the asking price.

This strategy is used by many retail shops. It works. It works. People will buy more if they feel they are saving money. Even if the item isn’t worth the “discounted” price,

This lesson, like many financial principles, can be applied to all aspects of life by being a little philosophical. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you should do it quickly or at a low price. However, even small risks can have serious consequences.

You can also draw wisdom from Finance:

  • How to spend your time doing things that bring you joy, value, and fulfillment
  • How to stay disciplined and delay short-term gains in order to achieve long-term success
  • How to be prepared for tragedies and emergencies, and not wait for them.
  • Why it is important to not put all your eggs into the same basket
  • The only way to gain value is to offer true value to others
  • Finance is anything but boring

Financial industry is always changing and developing in ways that no one could have anticipated even a decade ago.

For example, Fintech is the hottest trend right now. Cryptocurrencies were all the rage a few years back. They are still being used today and supported by many people, despite their popularity and initial hype.

No matter if the next financial innovation is a universal basic income or a global digital currency – one thing is certain: Finance will not be boring. Finance is one area of society whose development is closely linked to the advancement of new technologies. This means that there will be improvements.

  • Find affordable Finance degrees

Finance is not all about money and investments. However, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to receive a good financial education. You can get affordable Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in Finance starting at 5,000 EUR each academic year.

You can apply for a degree free of charge in some countries, even if your country is not part of the EU (European Union), or the EEA(European Economic Area). Students from Switzerland, for example, also get free degrees. Students from Nordic countries such as Sweden and Norway can also study in Sweden. Students from other Nordic countries (e.g. Norway, Denmark and Sweden) can also study free of charge in Sweden.

  • Studying finance online is easier

“I want Finance but have a full-time job and other responsibilities. What should I do?

You should consider online Bachelors or Masters of Finance. These courses can be studied at your own pace, without having to interrupt your personal or professional life. You can also save money on travel, moving abroad, or health insurance in another country.

An online Finance degree can be achieved if you have reliable internet access and a device that is capable of running a computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. These are the main benefits:

  • Flexible schedule: Study when and where you want as long as you adhere to the deadlines for assignments and exams
  • Lower costs: Many online Finance degrees are more affordable because they take less time to organize.
  • Study from anywhere: You can view courses at home or at friends’ homes, or even on your commute to work.
  • Great support: chats and discussion forums, Q&As on Facebook or WhatsApp, and all the support you need.

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