Why Sheehan & Company LLP solicitors?

Why Sheehan & Company LLP solicitors?

Located in the heart of Dublin City Centre, Sheehan & Company LLP Solicitors is one of Ireland’s leading mid-sized law firms. We have developed specialist expertise in the areas of Commercial, Commercial Property, Banking, Litigation and Dispute Resolution, Employment and Private Clients.

Why choose services Sheehan & Company?

Services Sheehan & Company offers a wide range of services. From designing strategies for wealth accumulation, to providing recommendations to small businesses on how to improve business operations and profitability, our seasoned team of professionals deliver timely service and cutting edge creativity.

How has Sheehan & co responded to covid-19?

At Sheehan & Co, our priority in response to COVID-19 is the health and safety of our employees and clients. With this in mind, we have closed our offices to the public to help tackle the spread of Covid-19, while continuing to support clients on a business as usual basis.


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