Why is my shredder making a weird noise?

Why is my shredder making a weird noise?

If your shredder is jammed or clogged, it may present with these symptoms: Not fully shredding the paper. Getting stuck in the reverse function. Making strange grinding or high pitch noises.

How do you reset a paper shredder?

How to unjam a shredder

  1. Unplug the shredder. This is the first and most important part of any attempt at fixing a paper jam.
  2. Empty the wastebasket.
  3. Switch to reverse.
  4. If the shredder jams in reverse switch back to auto/forward.
  5. Reduce the thickness of your load before re-shredding.

Where is the sensor on a paper shredder?

On small shredders, the sensor is normally a mechanical sensor, which looks like a plastic bar or lever in the very center of the mouth of the shredder, (Where you normally insert the paper). When shredding small documents, such as checks or receipts, be sure that you are inserting the paper directly over this sensor.

What do I do if my paper shredder overheats?

Wait even longer than the minimum recommend duty cycle if your machine heats up to the point where it stops working. Aurora, another shredder manufacturer, suggests waiting 30 minutes to an hour between overheated shredding cycles to allow it to fully reset.

Can I use wd40 on my paper shredder?

The answer is no. This product is not designed to lubricate a shredder head properly. Like other oils, such as vegetable or canola, WD-40 would cause the paper to stick together, inevitably gumming up and jamming the machine.

Why won’t my shredder stop running?

This can happen when oil, paper dust, or debris covers the sensors. Covered-up sensors essentially tell the shredder that paper has entered it, thus causing it to continuously run. First, unplug your shredder. Then look for the sensors in the paper entry area.

How do you reset a Fellowes paper shredder?

b) The shredder may need to be reset. Switch it to the reverse (R) position for 2 seconds and then back to auto (I). This should reset it and it will operate again.

Why is my shredder overheating?

Overheating a Fellowes home use shredder is most likely to arise when shredding stored documents which have accumulated, where just too much volume needs to be shredded over one session. Your shredder may also be overheating more easily if the blades have not been oiled enough, so try oiling your shredder blades.

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