Why education is still so important

If you didn’t enjoy your education, then you’ll understand the attraction of pulling out of college and getting onto the career ladder as early as possible. Many people who are currently studying at school or thinking about A levels are being put off by tales of people leaving university or college with mountains of debt, and still ending up in jobs that could have been gained without the additional qualifications. Packing in education and going for broke in the ‘real world’ is more tempting than ever, but in reality, it’s likely that early workers could end up worse off in the long run.

For certain careers, especially those within trades or that requires training, finding apprenticeships on the government.uk site have also become more common, meaning that young people can ‘learn and earn’. While this is a decent alternative to staying on to study, there’s also the attraction of not-so-reputable firms who take on ‘apprentices’ on very low wages, and put them in the same roles as better paid, more senior members of staff.

According to the independent site, due to a minefield of choices and often expensive education, the only options for a lot of people at the start of their careers, the attraction to go it alone can sometimes be a better option, depending on the person’s motivation and existing skills and knowledge. Running a business may be another alternative, but there’s also a whole bunch of other money-making opportunities that could end up luring in money-hungry young people who don’t fancy sitting through any more classes.

With the help of the internet, more people than ever are pursuing ‘alternative’ ways of making money as opposed to working in an office or learning a set of skills for a specific career. From learning skills like coding or digital design and entering the world as a freelancer, to buying and selling everything from stocks and share to classic cars, there are now tons of ways to earn a living with just an internet connection and some work ethic. One of these ‘21st century’ careers just happens to be online poker.

If you’d told your parents that you were going to be a professional poker player a couple of decades ago, you’d probably be laughed out of the room and told to get a proper career. Now, it’s totally possible to make a career from both ‘real world’ tournaments and online play with this 888poker site. There is a lot of big money to be made from a game that is always seen as less risky as just straight up gambling. Many people have even given up careers or have dropped out of school thanks to the earning potential being so lucrative, and the fact that they get to do something they love without having to be an employee. Some professional poker players even become world-famous in the process, gaining lucrative contracts and sponsorship deals. It all seems very attractive, especially in a world where celebrity status means a lot.

There are a few considerations when it comes to becoming professional in poker, however. The chances of making it to the big time in terms of winning competitions and making vast sums of money are similar to those of becoming a professional footballer, therefore you must practice regularly. Ensure you then have the start-up cash required for buy ins and fees, as well as the cash you’ll need to play with. Even if you think you’re a good player, you’ll still have to contend with players who are better than you in the beginning, and you’ll need to be prepared for what happens. Similar to being self-employed, professional poker players when they start out at minimum wage and work their way up from there.

Despite the low risk of failure, poker can be a great way to make money if you have the right skills and a decent strategy. Not everyone is out there to make money from it, and casual players can present a good opportunity for more enterprising professionals. This is where a bit of clever thinking, maths and patience comes into play.

Playing poker whilst studying is a good way to pursue your dream career and can pay the bills if you’re good enough.

The best alternatives for people who want to try and make it as a poker player is to do it alongside studies productively as a hobby. Completing and going to university requires cash, and playing poker is the perfect way to pay for it all. At the end of the course or degree, you can simply choose to continue playing poker professionally full-time or continue to do it alongside another ‘bill paying’ job.

Expressing you play poker would look especially good on your personal statements when applying for iGaming jobs as is shows you have a strong and significant interest in the field that you wish to get involved in. Basic information and skills needed for the iGaming field can be found here on this sidmartinbio site.

The big takeaway from this article is that those who want to drop out of their studies to pursue something new need to think long and hard. Make sure you have a strategy in place for failure avoidance. If you’re already making good money from poker and feel that the time saved by not studying can make you richer, then great. If you just don’t enjoy college or university that much, then it may be time to think about what you’re studying, and how you could change that rather than just giving up. And if neither of these options seem exciting, then maybe other opportunities could be the answer.

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