Who were the first white explorers to cross the Blue Mountains?

Who were the first white explorers to cross the Blue Mountains?

The 1813 crossing of the Blue Mountains was the expedition led by Gregory Blaxland, William Lawson and William Charles Wentworth, which became the first successful crossing of the Blue Mountains in New South Wales by European settlers.

What created Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains and Great Dividing Range were formed about 50 million years ago, when the area was uplifted. More recently, volcanic flows covered large areas of the mountains in basalt. These have largely worn away, leaving only occasional outcrops on the high peaks.

Who named the Blue Mountains?

In 1788 the Blue Mountains were originally named “Carmarthen Hills” and “Landsdowne Hills” by Governor Phillip, however, it wasn’t long after, that the distinctive blue haze surrounding the area saw the change in name to the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains is densely populated by oil bearing Eucalyptus trees.

What is significant about the Blue Mountains?

The high wilderness quality of much of the Greater Blue Mountains constitutes a vital and highly significant contribution to its World Heritage value and has ensured the integrity of its ecosystems and the retention and protection of its heritage values.

Who was the first explorer to cross the Blue Mountains?

Blue Mountains, Australia, Explorers – John Wilson – History. Everyone knows that Blaxland, Lawson and Wentworth were the first Europeans to succeed in crossing the impenetrable Blue Mountains, and thus opened up the way for the colony to expand onto the vast fertile slopes and plains of the west.

What is the history of the Blue Mountains?

The Blue Mountains region is rich in history. Once considered an impassable barrier, the Blue Mountains is now a major gateway to Western New South Wales. We acknowledge the Aboriginal Dharug, Gundungurra, Wanaruah, Wiradjuri, Darkinjung and Tharawal Nations as the traditional owners of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area.

Who was the leader of the Blue Mountains expedition?

Blaxland later claimed to have led the expedition, however records from the time of the crossing imply that they were joint leaders. Surveyor-General George William Evans was dispatched by Macquarie in November 1813 to follow the path taken and travel further to determine the best route to access the arable farmland.

Who was the first governor of the Blue Mountains?

Early Blue Mountains Buildings. With William Cox having established a road across the Blue Mountains, Governor Macquarie journeyed across the Blue Mountains in 1815 naming both Springwood and Blackheath. A few years later, 1816 – 1817, the Blue Mountains saw its first building.

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