Who Is The Most Trusted Betting Traders?

Since the introduction of bet trading two decades ago, Betfair has been the leading site bettors can visit to trade odds. However, the betting exchange has come a long way since then, and several other betting exchange sites are open to players worldwide.

Because of this, we’ve curated a list of top bet exchange sites in the industry. These sites have some of the best features that ensure a great betting exchange experience. You can check https://thetrader.bet/ for more info.

Top Betting Exchange Sites

Based on our subjective perception, these are some of the best in the business of betting exchanges. They include:


Being the first site to offer a betting exchange, Betfair is still on top of the game regarding bet trading. The site sees a high number of visitors and customer base thanks to its equally high liquidity. Moreso, the site has a navigable user interface that allows visitors or newbies to easily access the site.

Bettors on Betfair can live stream matches on the site and access over 33+ sports and 500+ markets on offer. The payment options cover most mainstream banking systems, and the mobile app for both iOS and Android devices makes Betfair easily accessible.

However, many betting exchange enthusiasts may see the 5% commission that Betfair charges as a bit overboard. Nonetheless, we believe the site has the features and numbers to justify the 5% commission.


Another top betting exchange site is Smarkets. Apart from the high number of games available for betting, Smarkets provides a significantly low commission charge of 2%. This low commission charge is perhaps the standout feature of Smarkets. They even collect a 1% commission on huge stakes.

There is a mobile app available for Android and iOS devices. The payment options on Smarkets may not be expressive enough; however, it gets you the job done. The site’s user interface is easy to use, with an extra layer of colorful themes. Overall, Smarkets is the site for a good betting exchange experience on a low commission budget.


The Betdaq betting exchange platform is almost as old as the first bet trading site (Betfair). As such, they’ve also amassed a huge customer base. Betdaq also collects a standard commission of just 2%, making it one of the lowest in the betting exchange market.

Betdaq also consolidates its position with a wide variety of games and events available on the site. Overall, the longevity of Betdaq has seen it garner a reputation and gain customers’ trust.


Matchbook holds its own in the betting exchange sector. With a quick registration process, you can gain access to a reasonably vast number of games and markets. Bettors can live stream matches on the site as they navigate their exchanges. Moreso, the user interface is sleek, and the customer service support is responsive.

The commission charged on the first 30 days of registration is 0%. However, the commission reverts to 5% after the grace period of 30 days.

There is not enough variety in the payment options on Matchbook. Nonetheless, with the four combinations of Visa, Mastercard, Neteller, and Skrill, bettors can make seamless payments and withdrawals.


Tips to Choose the Right Betting Exchange Sites

Below are tips with which you can choose a suitable betting exchange site for an optimal gaming experience.

Low Commission

Betting exchanges always take a cut of your winning bet. This cut is known as commission and can range from 2-5%. However, if you can get a site with the lowest commission charge possible, it’ll help you save more on your winnings.

Coverage of Events

A betting exchange with as much coverage of games and markets will be preferably better as it’ll satisfy your sports trading cravings.

Ease of Navigation

A good betting exchange site should be easily navigable. Some sites may be difficult to navigate and, as such, will pose a poor betting experience.


Choosing the most trusted betting exchange site often consists of some factors not limited to the ones listed in this article. However, the betting exchanges in this article have welcoming features, which makes them a viable option for bet exchange. Conclusively, choosing your preferred betting exchange site is up to you.

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