When did people settle in Wisconsin?

When did people settle in Wisconsin?

The first European explorer to reach Wisconsin was Jean Nicolet. Searching for the Northwest Passage to China, he arrived in the region in 1634. France laid claim to Wisconsin as part of its territory in the New World in 1672.

When did the Irish come to Milwaukee?

Milwaukee’s Celtic pioneers arrived in the mid-1830s, one step ahead of their German counterparts. Beset by famine and bullied by their English overlords, more emigrants left the Auld Sod every year. By 1848 the Irish made up 15 percent of Milwaukee’s population, which proved to be their historic high point.

Why do people want to move to Wisconsin?

Combine all that with the famously friendly Midwestern vibe, and you’ve got a state that’s just beckoning you to move there. Need a little more convincing? Here are 10 reasons you should consider moving to Wisconsin: 1. Two words: The. Cheese.

Who are the immigrants that came to Wisconsin?

Though Wisconsin was initially a distant frontier, the small numbers of French, English, Americans, and American Indians who resided there had nonetheless explored and used the rich land and water resources that would soon bring thousands of immigrants into Wisconsin.

Why was the Upper Peninsula added to Wisconsin?

The territory then expanded to include the rest of the Upper Peninsula, the entire State of Wisconsin and other parts of the Midwest. Due to a financial crisis the Michigan Territory was under pressure from Congress and President Andrew Jackson, at which point the Michigan Territory accepted a resolution from the government. Michigan map from 1837.

Why is Wisconsin not a good place to live?

Driving through Wisconsin is just so very boring. 2. Listen, just because it’s a “Great Lake” doesn’t mean it can compare to the views on “real” water. Freshwater is so dumb and useless, anyway. 3. Plus, it’s cold and snowy all the time.

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