What weapons were used in the war in Afghanistan?

What weapons were used in the war in Afghanistan?


  • BROWNING 9-MM PISTOL. The Browning 9-mm pistol is carried by officers and soldiers who require a sidearm that can be rapidly drawn and fired, even in confined spaces.
  • C13 GRENADE.
  • 870 SHOTGUN.
  • 60-MM MORTAR (M19)
  • ERYX.

    What weapon was important in defeating the Soviets in Afghanistan?

    The main weapons of the Mujahideen were the AK-47 (though the old British . 303 inch Enfield, with its long range and power to penetrate Soviet flak jackets had its adherents), PK light machine guns and the RPG-7 anti-tank grenade launcher.

    What is the main weapon of the US Army?

    M4 carbine The U.S. military’s go-to rifle, used by most units, especially within the infantry and special operations. The M4 is related to the AR-15, the civilian rifles that many American mass shooters have used. One defining difference: M4s can switch to fully automatic or fire a three-round burst.

    What was the main weapon used in the Afghanistan War?

    At first the prime anti-aircraft weapon had been the twin-barrel 20-mm cannon, but further armaments were quickly made available through Pakistan from sources as diverse as Saudi Arabia, China, Iran and Egypt.

    What was the deadliest weapon used in World War 1?

    The First World War, also known as the Great War, saw the use of some of the deadliest weapons ever known to humankind. Europeans entered the war expecting traditional cavalry charges and infantry carrying bayonets, but the reality was very different when the continent woke up to face U-boats, machine guns,…

    What was the role of the Afghan Air Force?

    The Afghan air force has remained loyal to the pro-Moscow puppet government in Kabul, so that there are no tales to be told of air-to-air combat against Soviet Frontal Aviation. Rather, the con­flict involved close-air support of the army against guerrilla strongholds, often with helicopters as the prime air weapon.

    What kind of aircraft did the Soviets use in Afghanistan?

    Outsize items such as tanks and artillery were brought into Kabul by the giant Antonov An-22 ‘Cock’ transport aircraft. A guerrilla attack on the base at Shindand convinced the Soviets that more assistance would be required, and a further 18 ‘Hinds’ were supplied, including some potent `Hind-D’ gunships.

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