What is Visoflex M8?

What is Visoflex M8?

Visoflex is a mirror housing which converts an M camera from a rangefinder into a reflex camera. Compared with modern (D)SLR it is basic and primitive, but it is functional. It seems to have taken a new lease of life on the M8. It consists of a housing containing the mirror and a slide-on pentaprism.

What is the difference between the Visoflex II and the III?

This finder switches right and left. The advantages of Visoflex III over II are a higher clearance for higher M cameras, specifically the M5, M6 TTL, M7 and M8, a more functional mount which does not need the removal of the prism and handgrip, and a quick return/flip mirror setting.

How do I use the Visoflex?

There a several ways to use it. The most simple way is to use a normal M lens and mount it on the Visoflex, the bayonet is the same. As the Visoflex extends the lens-sensor distance, this is an instant Macro rig.

Can the Visoflex II be used with a pentaprism?

The Visoflex II may be used , but only with either the Visoflex III type of pentaprism or the straight finder. The two main uses are macro-photography and enabling longer lenses . The more leisurely use of the Visoflex compared to modern SLR cameras is no handicap in macro. There a several ways to use it.

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