What is the elevation of the mountains in Afghanistan?

What is the elevation of the mountains in Afghanistan?

The highest point in the country is Noshaq with an elevation of 24,580 feet (7,492 meters) while the lowest point is Amu Darya with an elevation of 846 feet (258 meters)….Highest Mountains In Afghanistan.

Rank Highest Mountains in Afghanistan Elevation
9 Gumbaz-e-Safed 22,310 feet
10 Koh-e Keshni Khan 22,162 feet

What’s the highest elevation in Afghanistan?

7,492 meters
Located in the Hindu Kush Mountains of the Wakhan Corridor, an isolated panhandle of land connecting Afghanistan with China, Mount Noshaq stands at 7,492 meters (24,580 feet) in height. The region is home to many species of wildlife, including Marco Polo sheep, urial, ibex, and snow leopards.

Where are the mountain ranges located in Afghanistan?

Land elevations generally slope from northeast to southwest, following the general shape of the Hindu Kush massif, from its highest point in the Pamir Mountains near the Chinese border to the lower elevations near the border with Uzbekistan. To the north, west, and southwest there are no mountain barriers to neighboring countries.

How big of a country is Afghanistan in square miles?

Afghanistan is a country located in the southern region of Central Asia. The country covers a total area of 252,000 square miles, has a population size of approximately 34.65 million, and a large number of these individuals live in the capital city of Kabul.

Which is the most important geography of Afghanistan?

1 Climate. Rainfall in Afghanistan is very scarce, and mainly only affects the northern highlands, arriving in March and April. 2 Mountain systems. The Hindu Kush mountain range reaches a height of 7,492 m (24,580 ft) at Noshaq, Afghanistan’s highest peak. 3 Rivers and lakes. 4 Vegetation. …

Where is the capital of Afghanistan located in the world?

Afghanistan is a landlocked mountainous country located within South Asia. It is also sometimes included as part of the Middle East or Central Asia. The country is the 40th largest in the world in size. Kabul is the capital and largest city of Afghanistan, located in the Kabul Province.

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