What is life like for most Afghanistan families?

What is life like for most Afghanistan families?

Afghan households are generally large and multigenerational. It is customary for women to move in with their husbands’ family at marriage. Adult children usually live in the family home of their parents or in-laws throughout their life.

What is the education system like in Afghanistan?

The Afghan education system includes primary education, secondary education, higher education, vocational education, teacher training, and religious education. The Education Law of 2008 mandates nine years of compulsory education (primary education and lower secondary education).

What is the conflict between Afghanistan and US?

The conflict is also known as the US war in Afghanistan or the 2001 invasion of Afghanistan. Its public aims were to dismantle al-Qaeda and deny it a safe base of operations in Afghanistan by removing the Taliban from power….United States invasion of Afghanistan.

Date October 7 – December 17, 2001
Location Afghanistan

What is the quality of life in Afghanistan?

However, living conditions in Afghanistan can be harsh. According to a CIA World Factbook, an Afghan’s life expectancy is a meager 44 years. The wars in Afghanistan have been fairly constant since the seventies, and since 1979, more than a million Afghans have been killed and 3 million maimed in internal conflict.

Why do Afghan brides wear green?

When it comes to Afghan wedding dresses, emerald green is the official color a bride wears to symbolize prosperity and paradise for the daytime religious ceremony and then transitions to a white dress for the next part of the ceremony.

What is life like for people in Afghanistan?

Most salaries are meager and often have to support not only the large immediate family, but also extended relatives that easily amount to dozens of people. In fact, unemployment is so bad that most Afghans who want to flee or have already done so indicate the lack of any work opportunities than the war as the main reason for their decision.

What is life like for Afghans under Taliban control?

Fighters living among them are a normal part of life. A real peace deal in Afghanistan would give these boys a chance at living peaceful lives. While the Taliban rules this region with the gun, money for the very few public services still comes from Kabul. Schools in Taliban areas are still technically state schools.

What’s the situation in the capital of Afghanistan?

Insurgents overrun districts and rural areas, forcing people to flee; most of them to the cities. But even in the capital, Kabul, the Taliban (and more recently also the self-declared Islamic State) frequently conduct suicide attacks.

How did the invasion of Afghanistan change lives?

The Mesharano Jirga [parliament’s upper house] gave my family a medal and his monthly salary of 15,000 afghanis (£202). The Americans gave us $2,000 (£1,300) and a medal. But that’s all we have.

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