What is a DB25 connector?

What is a DB25 connector?

A DB25 connector is an established parallel port connection in computers often referred to as a printer port. These 25-pin d-subs offer rugged connections of peripherals and have excellent shock and vibration resistance.

What is D-sub Contact size?

D-Sub pin snap-in connector contact made of brass material, having a contact size of 20 terminates to wire and cable. Available in wire size range of 32 – 18 AWG and used…

What does DB25 stand for?

Acronym. Definition. DB-25. Serial Communications D-Shell Connector, 25 Pins.

What does db25 stand for?

Is VGA and D-sub the same?

D-Sub and DVI: standard interfaces for PC use. When used as a monitor interface, a D-Sub port is also known as a VGA port, an analog connection standard that’s been around for some time. The connector is a DE-15 connector with 15 pins in three rows, often referred to as a “mini-D-Sub 15-pin” or “D-Sub 15-pin” connector …

What is the difference between DB-25 and DB-9 connectors?

Because personal computers first used DB-25 connectors for their serial and parallel ports, when the PC serial port began to use 9-pin connectors, they were often labeled as DB-9 instead of DE-9 connectors, due to an ignorance of the fact that B represented a shell size. It is now common to see DE-9 connectors sold as DB-9 connectors.

How do I wire a custom cable with the analog DB25 Jacks?

To wire a custom cable for use with the analog DB25 jacks on a Aviom product, use the following table: Cable Number DB25 Pin Number Hot Cold Ground 1241225 2102311 321922 47208 518619 64175 715316 81142 No Connect13 DB25 Panel-Mount Connector The pins on panel-mounted DB25 jacks found on Aviom products are numbered according to the diagram below.

How many rows of pins does a D-sub connector have?

They all have three rows of pins, except the DD-78 which has four, and the DF-104 which has five rows in a new, larger shell. The double density series of D-sub connectors features even denser arrangements and consists of the DE-19, DA-31, DB-52, DC-79, and DD-100. These each have three rows of pins, except the DD-100, which has four.

How far apart are the pins on a power connector?

The pins are spaced at 0.090 inches (2.3 mm) horizontally and 0.078 inches (2.0 mm) vertically, in what is called high density. The other connectors with the same pin spacing are the DA-26, DB-44, DC-62, DD-78 and DF-104.

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