What did Spaniards look like?

What did Spaniards look like?

Spaniards are Southern Europeans similar to the Portuguese, Italians, Greeks and southern French people as a whole. They are predominantly dark brown-haired, brown/hazel-eyed with a medium to brunette-white skin tone as most Mediterranean people.

What is the most common hair color in Spain?

Most Spanish people (especially in the South) have dark brown hair similar to other Southern Europeans like the Italians and Greeks. True pitch-black hair is pretty rare. Light to dark brunette are the most common although there are also a few ones with dark blonde hair especially in the north.

What percentage of Spain is blonde?

Southern Spain has approximately 10-25% and Northern Spain has 25-35% of persons that have blue eyes, person with blond hair at best with some areas with up to 20% evenly through-out Spain.

What’s the most common eye color in Spain?

In central and northern Spain there isn’t a notable difference with French or northern Italian people. The most common eye color is brown, though green and blue are not that uncommon. Most people have light to dark brown hair, though there are also a good number of natural blondes and redheads.

What’s the typical look of a Spanish person?

Written by Zach Frohlich There’s a paradigm abroad of what is the typical Spanish look: dark eyes and dark hair. It’s a stereotype, quite opposite to the many physical features that appear in Spain’s different regions.

What’s the culture like to live in Spain?

Culturally, the Spanish are more likely to prize family life over work, and consequently, many Spaniards and foreigners working in Spain have achieved a far greater work-life balance. That said, times are changing.

What kind of hair do people in Spain have?

Most are brunette with brown or dark eyes, but don’t be surprised to see blonde hair or blue/green eyes, especially in the Central/Northern regions, such as Madrid, Asturias, Galicia, Catalonia, etc. After all, Spaniards are Europeans.

What kind of skin do people in Spain have?

We are very diverse! The typical spaniard has brown or hazel eyes, dark brown/blackish hair, and some shade of olive skin (either white skin that tans easily or naturally tanned skin) with a small percentage of the population resembling central/northern europeans.

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