What Casino Games to Play for Profit?

One of the most important things you should know about gambling is that it is not a valid method of making money. It is a form of entertainment that merely gives you a chance to win money – but it guarantees nothing.


How do professional gamblers do it then? Well, most of them don’t play casino games at all. They focus on poker and betting, which are more skill-based games, where they can better influence the outcome of every round. This doesn’t mean, in turn, that no casino games can be played for profit – but there is a higher risk involved in them, given their random nature.

Slot machines are great for fun

Casino players love slot machines. According to the latest gambling statistics South Africa has published, most online gamblers actively seek to play them.


Slot machines are a great choice for fun, even with no money involved. They are simple, colourful games that satisfy players with frequent hits. They, like all other casino games, for that matter, have the casino’s profit margin built into them.


Some players earn profits while playing slot machines – but they are the exception. Overall, these games have negative returns, ensuring that casinos stay in the green.

Skill-based games

All casino games are completely random and fair – the casinos have to make sure of that. But some of them have elements of skill and strategy that make it possible to play them for profit. To win, players need to know their odds in depth and use the right strategies to overcome the house’s advantage.

Video poker

Video poker is, in its essence, a single-player game of Five Card Draw poker. It is played with a single deck of cards, limiting the number of potential card combinations. This means that a player well-versed in the world of poker can estimate the likelihood of a high-value hand based on the cards in their current hand.


There is a perfect game of video poker that can push the game’s return to player (RTP) over 100%. This means that video poker can, indeed, be played for profit.


Blackjack is perhaps the most studied casino game in existence. There are entire blogs and countless books dedicated to its secrets, covering everything from the odds of different variants to the best strategies one can use to play it.


When played right, blackjack can indeed generate profits for the players. Even the application of a few recommendations from the basic strategy can make it work for you. This is partly because it is one of the casino games with the lowest house advantage –  around 2%, on average, compared to 5% for slot machines.

Practice makes perfect

In conclusion, most casino games are nothing but entertainment – do not believe those who say otherwise. Big wins are an exception, not the rule. Blackjack and video poker can, indeed, be played for profit, but only with the right skills, and after lots and lots of practice. Luckily, the internet is filled with guides and tutorials on how to do it right.

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