What Are the Alternatives to FTP on Mac?

Do you want to learn what alternatives to FTP on Mac can you stick to? Get ready to explore this material if you are curious about such an aspect.

FTP refers to File Transfer Protocol, and this is the way to transfer files between computers. And, it doesn’t really matter what you want to do. You may be interested in sharing files with someone, uploading stuff online, and so on. In any of these cases, FTP will be pretty effective.

Key Advantages of FTP

First of all, this is a great way to send large files. Here is the reason behind this: some management systems will bother you with a limit for doing so.

Another point to highlight is the ability to resume. This is helpful when the user loses an Internet connection. Finally, you need to remember the following: you may have an opportunity to open a file remotely and deal with it without sending the file to your Mac. This can be really cool in certain situations.

And now, let’s get to discovering what alternatives to FTP on Mac are accessible to users today.


This is one of the most popular FTP clients for Mac. It helps to enjoy safe file transfers with SFTP and FTP-SSL.

When you decide to work with the files, you have the opportunity to cut, paste, drag, and drop them. In other words, your experience will be rather easy and smooth. Plus, there is such an option as a preview of the files. This will help you to view what you need before the actual download process.

The download of Cyberduck to Mac is linked to receiving the zip file and extracting the disk image installer. Note that you will need to get a current version of Cyberduck.

Commander One

This is a great Cyberduck alternative for Mac. Working with it will turn into a real pleasure as long as you don’t have to make any extra effort at all.

It is essential to highlight that you will be able to savor the following stuff if you choose to deal with Commander One:

  • Displaying hidden files by means of the toolbar button;
  • Using brief mode to perform operations with several files simultaneously;
  • Accessing the history of the folders and files you have used recently;
  • Selecting just the files that are a matter of your concern;
  • Adding files to the queue, etc.

If you decide to use Commander One, you will also have to download and install it. Besides, you will need to add a new FTP connection.

Is There Anything Else Worth Paying Attention to?

There is also such an open-source FTP client as FileZilla. It contains quite a few tools that will help to manage files in an effective way. Despite the fact that it is pretty easy to deal with FileZilla, you will be coming across a rather outdated design. Plus, the speed of transfers is rather slow, and this is one of the key disadvantages of the program.

Making a Final Decision

It may not be that easy to pick the ideal FTP alternative for Mac. But this is what you need to bear in mind: if you decide to work with Commander One, you will not encounter any relevant cons. Your experience will be as efficient as possible, and you will certainly be satisfied with the price (in case you opt for the premium version of the product).

Commander One suggests a greater set of tools that can be really helpful for quite a few users. This is why it is valued so much.

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