Top 10 Travel Apps for Your iPhone

If you’re planning a quick weekend getaway, heading off to a long beach vacation, or want to escape the urban life with slow travel, there’s one thing you’ll need – your phone with special apps. Apps and smartphones have taken away the spontaneity of travel yet turbocharged the entire travel experience.

From cheap flights to money exchange, from hotel bookings to maps, travel apps enhance the way we explore unexplored territories. They will also help a few dollars and assist you in finding the best experiences. Stargazers, surfers, divers, and skiers love these apps for their forecasts and navigation.  Yet, apart from the following selection of apps, it’s possible to browse enticing games on online casinos, such as Wolf Saga, 10 Times Vegas, and Rise of Apollo, on your desktop and mobile devices, as you kill long waiting hours while traveling.

The app store provides both free and paid apps. For the paid ones, you can add money to your Apple wallet and download travel apps. We bet you won’t regret downloading these apps. Unleash the potential of your iPhone and make the best of your holiday. iPhone customization is the new trend, learn it now.

Best Travel Apps for Your iPhone


For the cheapest and best flight booking experience, Skyscanner should be your go-to app. If you love booking your flights at the last minute, check out their bank offers and discount codes. You might book your flight at the cheapest rate and save a few bucks.

This app also guides you about layovers, luggage allowance, covid related restrictions at the airport, and allows you to book meals in advance.


BlaBlaCar is one of the most used travel apps in the world. If you’re looking to share a cab or split the cab fare with others, BlaBlaCar should make way to your iPhone. It is an app that facilitates intercity carpooling.

Allowing drivers to share their cars when driving between cities, this app is the best way to meet fellow travelers. You can save on heavy taxi fares and share your experiences with others. 


To book and compare accommodation offers on your smartphone, you need the CozyCozy app. Using this app, you can find the best homestay, hotel, hostel, apartment, or any other type of accommodation you’re looking for your next holiday. This is apt for the ones traveling on a shoe string budget.

Within a click, you can browse through thousands of deals on stay. It gives you options all over the world. You can even book a vacation rental for the long term using CozyCozy.

Tired of hotels’ online pictures vs reality mismatch? Look no further and download right now. It is a one-stop solution to find out the services and facilities offered by your preferred hotel or resort.

If you’re looking for the best deals for your accommodation and a platform that provides a star rating, then is your savior. They also cater to backpackers, as there are several hostels available for booking on this app.

Get Your Guide

Enter the world’s most exciting travel activities with GetYourGuide. An arena of experiences awaits you, unlock it using Get Your Guide. This app will tell you all the events in and around you.

The Berlin-based app, GetYourGuide is an online travel agency. It is like an online marketplace that acts as your personal tour guide. Enrich your travel with tours, excursions, activities such as cooking classes, origami classes, and tickets to many entertainment parks.


Navigating your destination is made super easy after smartphones came into existence. But what to do when there is no internet? Here comes Maps.Me. It allows you to download maps offline and stay on the correct path.

Now you can drive, walk, and take public transit to explore your destination. Get around any city using this satellite-enabled GPS app. MAPS.ME is a free app available on your Apple store. It promises to offer turn-by-turn navigation in any city in the world.


Save and share the exact locations with What3words. It is the easiest way to find things around you. This app transforms GPS coordinates into three-word pin locations. We normally use Google Maps for navigation but this app lets you save a street address.

Search your desired location on what3words and Google will pop it on the map. Keep exploring and keep traveling with What3Words!


CouchSurfing is an extraordinary exchange service that allows users to request short-term stays at other travelers’ homes for free. It also lets you interact with other people who are enthusiastic about traveling.

It is a great platform to converse and stay with locals, share stories, make lifelong travel buddies, and welcome travelers from other cities/countries to stay with you. Download it and build your community strong.


Meet and greet is an integral part of traveling and Meetup is your go-to solution for it. Not a dating app but a social media platform to meet like-minded people. Using this app, you can host and organize activities, get-togethers, and events for people. It brings people with similar experiences, interests, hobbies, and passions on a single platform.

Download these travel apps on your iPhone, and change the way your travel!

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