The Ultimate Guide to Ecdysterone Supplements: Benefits and Uses

In a world where people are fitness freaks, considering Ecdysterone supplements can make a difference. In this modern world, nothing is impossible. There is more than one solution available for you in the market. However, you cannot be sure that any particular process is the best solution for your problem. You need to choose one among many, which is the hardest part. Deciding becomes critical when you have plenty of options, and the quality of a product comes with the service it provides.

Well, you do not need to always focus on the consequences to decide which one is perfect, but you can simply depend on the internet world. If you are reading this article, then you are one step ahead of others in choosing the best supplement for your workout sessions and gaining results accordingly. Lifters who are looking to boost their performance at the gym and gain quick muscles generally consider steroids. This is not a safe process at all. In fact, steroids come with side effects which in turn are risky for people.

Well, the big question is: does Ecdysterone help gain muscle mass and increase strength? You will hunt down the answer here. Let’s follow supplements and working abilities on our bodies:

What Is Ecdysterone?

Ecdysterone (20-hydroxyecdysone) is a form of ecdysteroid that is found in plants and insects. Plants like spinach and quinoa commonly generate ecdysteroid and serve the primary steroid hormone.

Ecdysterone is mainly used as a supplement for people who are willing to gain athletic performance and enhance their muscle mass. This also considered a wide range of biological processes like: 

  • Bone growth.
  • Host defense against predation.
  • Reproduction.

Do not mistake Ecdysterone for testosterone. Yes! It has the same sort of chemical structure as the male androgen, but Ecdysterone supplements come with hormone-esque effects. So, it is not the same as taking testosterone, and that prominently eliminates the threats of side effects as well.


The Benefits Of Taking Ecdysterone

They say that Ecdysterone is pretty potent to pack on your muscles or improve your performance at the gym. However, we need to be truthful about the consequences of using this supplement. We don’t want to mislead you throughout your working process and body-building ideas.

There is a lot to explore, and then you can go for the right solution. Always going for the hyped products is not a solution but is also misleading.

Here we have considered some of the best benefits that you may gain with Ecdysterone supplements.


It Improves Your Muscles

People who go to the gym and use the natural lifting process are prone to gain better performance after using Ecdysterone supplements.

Well, it might not work like the typical steroids, but in turn, it is not going to cover any side effects. So, you are safe enough to use this supplement and can quickly gain simple muscle.

Well, all it does is improve your performance at the gym and enhance your development with gym terms.

  • Enhances protein synthesis from amino acids.
  • Encourage muscle cell formation.
  • Bone remodeling and growth.
  • Produce red blood cells.

Boost Athletic Performance

The opportunity of improving athletic performance with Ecdysterone is as huge as it is called “the Russian secret.” Once upon a time, Russian athletes were using this supplement in the Olympics, and they got good results in their performance with a significant increase in their one-rep bench press.

This happens due to the muscular fatigue removal process of the supplement. This is not the end, but gaining athletic performance is a dream for all, and Ecdysterone is helping people to increase their grip strength while in the gym.

Two of the major concerns of the athletes are prolonged recovery and increased muscle damage after their workouts and performance. However, Ecdysterone is a prominent performance booster to ensure the elimination of these two threats.

Apart from that, it also helps in many other ways.

  • It helps Enhance Insulin Sensitivity.
  • It is quick and efficient in improving your muscle recovery process.
  • It collaborates with healthy immune function.


First thing first! You need to understand your body and know how much you can consume. For your basic idea, a bodybuilder can intake from 500mg to 1000mg of supplements daily. Now it is your turn to consume and understand how much your body fits with.

Some fitness experts are using creatine as their supplement expert and splitting the intake process. However, you can consider Ecdysterone supplements by considering the whole dose with your breakfast meal at the start of the day.

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