The Online Poker Red Flags to Avoid

There are some genuinely excellent online poker sites out there conducting good business. Unfortunately, some terrible websites conduct fraudulent activity, parting customers with their money through untoward means. Let’s discuss why you can confidently play from this list of sites, but also what you should be looking out for with any new sites to gauge their credibility.

Slow Banking Methods

One of the most giant red flags on online poker sites in the contemporary marketplace is extended banking and transaction methods. In the days of lightning-quick blockchain payments, when some poker sites require 3-5 days to complete a withdrawal, it raises many questions. What are they doing with the money? There have been some instances where poker sites have not paid out.

Some sites, including Carbon Poker and LockPoker where sites became embroiled in scandals for not paying out customer withdrawals. In other instances, a site has gone out of business and struggled to pay back customers’ balances due to financial irregularities.

No Security or Protection Methods

In a world where people have significantly less money than before (cost of living crisis, among other issues), it’s essential that players only gamble within their means. Customer protection protocols have become an important factor in every poker and online casino, as the best sites offer various means to help players control their financial resources. Some tools provided are time limits, self-exclusion, and deposit limits. If a site has none of the above, it’s challenging to trust as it lacks respect for the customer’s well-being. If a site doesn’t have these security certificates, it is unknown who has access to the information you are submitting on the site, as it may be shared with third parties.

Lack of Customer Support or Contact Options

Any online poker site or online business worth its salt will offer customers opportunities to contact the company with a plethora of avenues to get help when needed. Gamers should expect decent customer service and readily available support from their platform of choice. It’s a red flag when a site has no contact information or it is difficult to determine how to get help. This is usually because the site doesn’t want to help and has bad intentions. At the very least, they are poorly organized.

Websites with No History or Identifiable Attributes

When looking at an online poker site, it’s essential to check out the company operating it. Do they have a history of running other poker websites or online casinos? Where are they based? And how easy is it to see who is running the show? If it’s a faceless company, nobody wants to take ownership of potential nefarious and illegal activity. It should be considered a red flag if a website sprouts out of nowhere with little information to track the owner. These sites can be prone to going offline and becoming unavailable, taking customers’ funds into the void with them!

Poor Security Encryption

When parting with money online, you must be wary of where you disclose your financial information. A site without SSL encryption (usually signified by a little padlock icon by your browser) is typically untrustworthy as your information could be going anywhere on the internet.

Always the Same Players

After signing up for an online poker website, playing with a rich array of players who are also using the platform is essential. This will allow you to experience different styles of poker play exhibited by a rich tapestry of your fellow gamers. If you see the same usernames every session, the site has low player traffic, meaning that it can be challenging to find new experiences, and tables might not fill up. Smaller sites can struggle to attract new audiences, especially if they are starting. Meanwhile, the more prominent brands operating in multiple locations can often share their player pool, meaning players from Area X play with those in Y city, meaning that players are almost guaranteed a unique table every time.

Positive Green Flags to Appreciate

While it is all too common to point out red flags to be wary of, it’s also essential to consider the ‘green flags,’ which are welcoming positive signs that a poker site might be displaying. Having multiple ways to contact them, many banking methods, and a secure website are some of the best attributes to appreciate. Another critical aspect is to check the reviews on impartial websites that give non-biased comments and ratings on poker sites. If a site scores highly, it has a decent level of trust amongst the online poker community.

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