The Most Iconic Casinos Around the World

It’s often a bucket list item for many people, heading to a world-class casino for a well-dressed night out – but which casinos deserve the title of the most iconic?

You’d be forgiven for thinking that the only place to get access to the best casino experience is in Las Vegas – but that couldn’t be further from the truth because some of the most famous casinos are spread all around the world, making them accessible to so many more people.

Online vs Physical Casinos

With the rise of the internet and technology like 5G, online casinos might seem to have taken over from their brick-and-mortar counterparts. After all, being able to play your favourite card games and slot machines from the comfort of your own home is a real draw for most people.

That doesn’t mean that physical casinos are dead though – the opulent surroundings and the overall experience of a night out amongst the high rollers at an iconic casino venue is still amazing but if you want to try the online casino experience check list of new casinos for some of the top casino providers available.

Top 5 Most Iconic Casinos

The Hippodrome – London, UK

This stunning building in the West End of London is iconic inside and out. The storied history of the venue includes a glittering past of being a circus, a theatre, and even a nightclub owned by Peter Stringfellow.

Today, The Hippodrome in London is a cornerstone of West End entertainment, featuring the fabulous stage show Magic Mike Live and five whole floors of gaming.

IF you need a break, you can take some time out on the Rooftop Terrace or get a bite to eat at one of the restaurants.

It is no surprise that The Hippodrome is the largest and most popular entertainment venue in the UK.

Casino Baden-Baden – Baden-Baden, Germany

Baden-Baden is a popular spa town in the Black Forest region, popular for tourists – and the Casino Baden-Baden is an attraction steeped in history.

More than 200 years old, the Casino Baden-Baden was designed in the Belle Epoque French style, crafted to look like a French royal palace all bedecked in red and gold with huge ceilings and stunning chandeliers.

Recognized by many as ‘the most beautiful casino in the world,’ the Casino Baden-Baden combines the storied glamour with a whole host of modern casino games, performances, and entertainment – and even offers guided tours.

Casino de Monte-Carlo – Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is a playground for millionaires, and the Casino de Monte-Carlo is where the nouveau riche (and old-school money) goes to play.

This 150-year-old casino has the most stunning architecture, oozing class and sophistication. All modern casino games are catered for in their own rooms, with private salons for the high rollers in big stakes games.

More than just a tax haven, Monaco itself is a surprising little state, and you won’t be disappointed if you choose to dress up and rub shoulders with the rich and famous on the card tables.

The Venetian – Macau, China

Macau exists for casinos, and some of the buildings there could rival their Las Vegas counterparts.

The Venetian is one such casino, which could be classed as a resort considering that it offers everything you could need for a luxurious stay.

Aside from a casino modelled on their sister venue in Vegas with four themed gaming rooms, you can also book yourself a luxury suite in the hotel, visit the gym and the spa, or eat in one of the many restaurants.

One of the most surprising things is how seriously they take the Venice theme – a series of interconnected canals link the different areas of the resort and you can take a gondola ride to get to the shopping mall, or to the mini golf.

The Bellagio – Las Vegas, US

No list of iconic casinos is complete without possibly the most famous one – The Bellagio is at the heart of the Las Vegas strip and is utterly enormous as well as being absolutely stunning.

The centrepiece of many a movie, perhaps none more famous than Ocean’s Eleven, The Bellagio oozes class and opulence in a way that even extends to the eight-acre lake outside with a dancing water fountain.

Inside, the décor is said to be inspired by European villages, but the main take away from it that you will have when you visit is elegance. It is not your typical overdone glitz, but a refined building with well-considered design – and the experience you will have there cannot be replicated.

You can enjoy long-term entertainment favourites here like Cirque du Soleil, eat at a number of different restaurants, and relax by the pool on a prebooked cabana or day bed – or you can take to one of the most famous gaming floors in the world and try your hand at every conceivable type of casino game, from baccarat and blackjack to craps and poker, as well as thousands of slot machines, too.

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