The best cars from Spain

<span title="T" class="cenote-drop-cap">T</span>he best cars from Spain

The best cars from SpainIn recent years, Spain has made a great leap in the automobile industry. Mostly branches of well-known companies such as Renault, Volkswagen, Citroen operate here, but there are also local brands such as Seat, Tramontana and others.

Today there are 17 automobile enterprises in Spain, which produce more than 40 different models of vehicles, including not only cars, but also trucks and vans.

Seat is the most famous automobile brand that is more than 65 years old. For 30 years it cooperated with the FIAT auto concern, after which the company was bought out by Volkswagen. The marketing department actively uses the tourist pearls of Spain for its purposes, so the Seat lineup includes such models as Ibiza, Cordoba, Leon. Our review presents the most popular car brands of Seat company.

Since 2023, the company stopped producing cars, so you can buy them now only on the secondary market. When you buy a car, we recommend you to use the services of a special service, where you can check the car from Spain. With its help, you will learn the full history of the car, including participation in accidents, maintenance, repairs, changes in equipment, etc. 

Top 5 popular cars from Spain

  • SEAT Altea
  • SEAT Cordoba
  • SEAT Ateca
  • Seat Ibiza.
  • Seat Leon

SEAT Altea

An exterior with clean lines and a sporty character that few family cars can boast. Altea is not only spectacular, but also has enviable technical characteristics. The manufacturer offers modifications with several modern and efficient engines, and in addition, buyers can get a sporty version with improved handling and characteristics that will appeal to fans of dynamic driving. 

In 2009, the model was redesigned – changes were made to the exterior, interior and engine. There is an Ecomotive version of the Altea, which has low emissions and is cheap to run. 

Seat Altea has received maximum points in crash tests and is a leader in safety. It comes standard with front and side airbags, ABS and stability control. Reliability and comfort are enhanced by quality suspension, precise and responsive steering.

SEAT Cordoba

SEAT CordobaA compact and versatile sedan that made its debut back in 1993. It has a classic layout for small cars and is built on the same base as the VW Polo. In the latest model of Seat Cordoba the wheelbase was increased, which allowed to improve comfort for passengers and increase the volume of luggage compartment by 30 liters. 

The exterior in the latest generation became more colorful, and the car itself became safer and received outstanding aerodynamics.  It is also possible to emphasize a new sports suspension and a wide choice of power units. As the latter can be used one of six motors, the most powerful of which is a 130-horsepower turbodiesel combined with a manual 6-speed gearbox. Diesel motors with 100hp and 64hp are also available. The gasoline trio has an innovative 64 hp engine and two units with 75 and 100 hp. The latter version comes with an “automatic” box.

SEAT Ateca

SEAT AtecaThe last update of the Ateca crossover took place in 2020. The car received a new head optic, it has changed the design of the front and rear. The new generation began to use handwritten font on the nameplate, making it easy to distinguish from its predecessors. The top-end configuration, previously known as Xperience, is now called Xcellence. Wheel arch covers have been added to the design. 

The driver’s seat can be adjusted in height, and the steering column can be adjusted in height and reach. An armrest, pleasant leather trim on the steering wheel and gearshift knob add to the comfort. The front passenger seat can be adjusted in height as standard. The front seats are also equipped with adjustable lumbar support, which is very important on long trips. Armrests and air conditioning deflectors are available for rear seat passengers. 

The car is equipped with one of six engines, two of which are diesel and four are gasoline. The most popular is the version with a 1.5-liter gasoline engine with an output of 150 hp. It is not as noisy as the diesel engine and is quite economical – fuel consumption is 5.88 liters per 100 km. To accelerate to 100 km/h Ateca needs only 8.5 seconds. 

Seat Ibiza

Seat IbizaCompact hatchback, which is aimed primarily at young people with an active life position. The model is presented in two modifications – 3 and 5-door hatchbacks. Four-door sedan Cordoba is also built on the basis of this model. The same platform has become common for a number of VW models, including Polo, Skoda Fabia. 

The exterior of the model is dynamic, which is quite consistent with the image of the Seat brand. Four years after the release of the first model, the car was restyled. Externally, these models could be distinguished by updated front and rear bumpers. 

The interior design corresponds to Ibiza’s temperament. Everything is very reminiscent of the interior of sports cars: round indicators on the dashboard and air deflectors, red instrument lighting, three-spoke steering wheel and the central part of the dashboard facing the driver. The Sport and FR models are even more sporty in spirit. 

Seat Leon

Seat LeonFor a long time, this model was a vivid example of the fact that popular is not always the best. The fourth generation of the hatchback changed the situation – the popularity of Seat Leon became justified. The car really became the best car of the automobile concern and was ahead of many competitors. 

The cheapest motor is a 1-liter gasoline power unit, which has excellent technical characteristics. For those who prefer something more powerful, the manufacturer offers a car with a 1.5-liter motor with an output of 128 hp. A 148-horsepower version of the same engine is also available. In tests, Leon accelerates to 100 km/h in 7.7 seconds. 

The FR models are equipped with a sporty suspension that excels on winding roads. Thanks to its good grip, the vehicle can negotiate tight corners at high speeds. 

The interior of Leon is not less chic than in BMW 1 series. Soft and dense plastic is used for finishing. Buttons on the steering wheel are made heavy, so they look very expensive. In terms of quality, the car is very similar to the VW Golf.

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