The Best Advice For First-Year Students

You must look back and wish you had acted differently at a certain point in your time. It is quite natural as when we grow up we become wiser and understand the nuances very well. This may also be the case in your college days.

What advice would you give a new college student? You’d wish that someone had told you that things are going to be different and you could carve your whole future if you had more knowledge.

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So let’s end this vicious cycle of regrets and help our young ones to enable them in becoming the best version of themselves.

What advice would you give to a first-year student?

1- Make Most of That Time:

First and foremost, this is one of the most beautiful times of your life and you should indulge more whether it’s studying or partying. Breathe in the atmosphere, arrive early on the campus, and be more attentive during your time. Confusion and nervousness would only deplete your energy.

2- Work out is the Key To Stay Ahead:

Many youngsters don’t give importance to exercise and delay it till they are old and weak. Many professionals have advised that working out releases positive vibes in the individual, increases stamina, and helps us remain calm in the face of adversity.

A short but consistent workout before your classes will help you immensely in increasing attention during class, coping with assignment workload, and anxiety during exams.

3- Stay Organized:

Staying organized reduces half the stress. This is a very simple formula, yet, many college students do not give it any importance. Keep your cupboards, college bag, notes, and room organized. Clean it regularly and keep it livable to help you stay on top of your life.

4- Ask Questions, Seek Knowledge:

Don’t be shy about asking questions. Make knowing things your business. You should ask if your university provides counseling, scholarships, different clubs, activities, and opportunities for first-year students to improve their portfolios.

You would never know until you ask. No one will hand you things on a plate. You must show your willingness and hunger to get things.

5- Develop Lifelong Habits:

You are at the initial stage of your practical life and so you must act like an adult. Stop being careless and spontaneous. Make things happen for you. And that would be possible only when you are consistent.

Writing at an early age helps you understand the world better and increase emotional intelligence. Make a habit of writing a small passage daily. Don’t make big goals as it would adversely affect your objective. Just make sure that you write 50 to 60 words about any random fact or thought, but daily.

6- Stay Attentive During Lectures:

Staying active and attentive during lectures is very crucial for your mental development. Professors share gems of knowledge during this time. A few techniques would help you make the most out of your lectures. For example:

  • Workout in the morning will help clear the fog in your mind and will sharpen your future.
  • Read a little before your class. You will know what the professor is talking about and maybe you will be able to ask a few questions.
  • Create notes taking system.
  • Ask questions

7- Become A Part of The Group:

University life is meant to have a converse relationship. You come here not only to gain knowledge but also to share what you have learned in your life up until now. Become part of a diverse group, come out of your comfort zone and join a club that you had thought you’d never do. Surprise yourself. Forge friendships as they’d go a long way than you can imagine.

8- Be Open To New Opportunities:

Always remain open to opportunities. Keep your eyes peeled for chances to enhance your life experience, be it an opportunity to research for a professor or take a different subject from your peers.  Live, thrive, and make each day count.

9- Do Away With Your Polarization:

The world has become so polarized that people from different political alliances don’t talk to one another. This proves fatal to your emotional development and kills your creativity. Do away with your polarization and mix with different folks to learn about new things.

10- Participate In Faculty/University Activities:

Make sure you are part of different activities and functions organized by the university or your faculty. Come out of your comfort zone and try a character that you find fascinating but scary to act. You won’t believe how much it’d help you become a better and stronger person in your life.


These uni tips will help you grow into a better and more interesting person in your life. Do not just spend these days as a chore. Live to your fullest and take advice to students seriously.

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