Casinos throughout the globe have growing popularity with pokies and other types of slot machines. Few know how to boost their winning odds. If you’re looking to play online pokies Australia and reading this, you’re undoubtedly fortunate, so check out this guide to winning at slots, online slots and pokies games.

Slot Playing Strategies

What’s the best way to enhance your slot winnings? Good gamers follow the rules and strategies to increase slot income. You may be interested in effective online slot tactics to enhance your game. 

Read Pay Stubs.

Studying the paytable is enough to win large. Before picking the paytable with the best winning odds, carefully examine them.

Use Additional Features and Play Online Slots at The Optimum Moment.

Using bonus offers might boost your winnings. Online casinos provide seasonal, weekly, and one-time incentives to lure players to return.

Bet The Maximum on A Progressive Jackpot.

Bet as much as you can. In most progressive slots, wagering more increases your odds. If you stake $1 every spin, your odds of winning are much smaller than if you invested $100.

Don’t Quit If You’re Winning.

Before playing slots, establish a loss limit. You may get caught up in the casino’s excitement, but if you don’t know when to leave, you’ll have more thrills than spills. If you’re doing well, it’s time to call it a day.

Pokies Playing Strategies

All pokies are games of chance. Thus, winning can’t be guaranteed. Increase your odds of winning even if you’ve already lost.

Let’s look at some advice for playing both online pokies and at the local or a casino.

Play Higher Denominations.

A better strategy is to take more risks to get a greater reward. A better strategy is to take more risks to get a greater reward. As expected, greater bets yield bigger rewards.

Higher risks don’t always imply less enjoyment. You have $20. Instead of betting 100 20c, stake 10 $2. You’ll spend less time at the machine, but the spins will be more interesting.

Go All-In

You’ve seen pokies with life-changing payouts. We’re talking “I won’t work Monday” money. Most pokies’ highest jackpots can only be won by betting the maximum amount.

Low-stake spins earn the same multiplier as high-stake spins, but the payoff is lower. Yes, you’ll run through your bankroll faster, but some individuals value the possibility of winning large.

Complexity Lowers Your Odds

Some pokies offer several pay lines, bonuses, or additional ways to win. So that’s all. Complex pokies with many pay lines, multipliers, and bonuses offer lesser chances of winning.

Because there are fewer possibilities to win, simpler games provide better odds and payouts. Check out our selection of the top pokies to find what you enjoy most.

Play Free Games

This applies more to online pokies than brick-and-mortar casinos. Plenty of online casinos provide free spins on signing up to play pokies without real money.

You can’t win real money, but it’s a terrific way to learn a new game without spending money. You may play a game for free before wagering real money. Once you invest your own money, you’ll master the game.

Don’t Chase Losses

Accepting your losses is preferable to chasing them. In a pokie, you can only win large if you wager the maximum amount.

You’re confident about winning the bonus round, yet you lose. Instead of wagering your last $10 to make up for your losses, consider this:

Lose, and you’re $10 down. If you chase your losses, you’ll have a smaller bankroll when the inevitable arrives. Accept the game is done and move on; punting is enjoyable.

Avoid ‘Due’ Payouts

You might easily be sucked into this if you’ve been playing for a while and haven’t won anything. Then, you’ll get a refund.

Nope. Pokies are unexpected and random. If you’re losing, you’re not. Every spin brings fresh, unpredictable possibilities to win – or lose.

Pokie machines don’t care whether you win or lose. Next time you see someone reserving a machine, chuckle to yourself and locate another one it’s just as likely to pay out.

Play With Coins

Consider a 20-line pokie. Using 100 1c coins, you can play all pay lines with 5c bets for $5. This improves your pokie approach compared to spending $1 on each pay line.

It enhances your chances of winning with each spin and payout since you may have 20 winning lines on a single spin. Everyone has a better lifestyle!

Stop When Necessary

In general, this is a good rule of thumb. If you lose money at a casino, leave. Losing might be upsetting when playing online pokies, but it’s not worth establishing a nasty habit.

If you grab for your wallet while your bankroll is $0, take a break. If “just one more spin” means spending all your money, it’s not worth the joy.


If you need guidance, use a casino’s responsible gambling options online.

Play until you discover what works. If you’re gambling properly and having fun, there’s no incorrect way to play pokies or the slot game.

Play until you discover what works. If you’re gambling properly and having fun, there’s no incorrect way to play pokies or the slot game.

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