Rubbish Removal Service vs. Skip Hire: Which Is Best for Junk Pickup?

Junk is peculiar to everyone. Everyone produces it in some form and at various points. Well, it turns out that junk/rubbish cannot take care of itself. It has to be properly collected and disposed of.

Deciding on the right way to collect and dispose of it is what has raised so many questions, including the one that will be discussed here. This is also because there are several disposal methods.

Specifically, this article sheds light on why engaging rubbish removal services is a far better decision than renting a skip bin. But first, you need to understand the basics of engaging either waste management service provider, as they are.

How a Rubbish Removal Company Works

The first step would be scheduling for this service. Well, it can also be a scheduled pickup for long-existing clients. But for first-time clients, a quote would be provided by the company.

The operational team arrives at the location after an agreement has been reached between the company and the client. By the way, agreement in this context also means making the due payment, which may be part or full, at this point.

Next would be the pickup and removal of the junk from the client’s location. It would then be taken to the right facility. By the way, the right facility should be based on environmentally friendly practices.

Process of Hiring a Skip Bin

Just as with the aforementioned, scheduling is important. Also, a quote would have to be provided, based on the skip bin size that is ordered.

The major difference here is that the skip bin company leaves the skip bin for you to fill. Then they show up for pickup after you have done the junk-loading and reached out to them for pickup. By the way, this could be a couple of days.

Furthermore, the cost of this service is also based on the amount of days that the bin remains with you. This is a commercially motivated decision as the bin cannot be offered to another client once it is with a client. This means that the company cannot make money off the same skip bin.

Reasons to Choose Rubbish Removal Companies over Skip Rental

The major goal here is to help you see how engaging the services of a rubbish removal company for junk pickups benefits you. However, there are two ways this would be established here. The first is discussing some of the general benefits.

The second would be discussing some specifics on how it is a better decision than skip bin renting. Having made this known, discussed below are reasons to choose rubbish removal companies instead of renting a skip bin:

No Permit Issues

You may not be able to place a skip bin without regulatory concerns in your location. For example, it is illegal to have them stationed without special permits in some places.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about in this regard with rubbish removal companies. For one, this is because their service does not entail placing a temporary dumpster within or around a premise.

Labor Assistance

Both options can be eco-friendly. This is especially true if the companies that offer these services engage in proper disposal practices. Be that as it may, one is more stress-free than the other.

Well, rubbish removal services are miles better in this regard. This is because they typically come with labor assistance. The same cannot be said of skip renting. It works by having the bin delivered but having you fill it up with the junk in question.


You may have to do some heavy lifting with skip bins. Of course, this depends on the kind of junk being disposed of. By and large, dealing with skip bins can be dangerous because of the safety concerns involved.

You would not have this worry with rubbish removal services. This is because they do the actual dirty work, which is loading your junk into their collection trucks.

It is also worth mentioning that they are professionally trained to do this. As a result, there is very little chance of safety concerns arising. Professional handling also means that these professionals are trained to handle various kinds of junk. For example, they would not handle white goods with refrigerants the same way they would with food waste.

Furthermore, having very little contact with waste is better for clients. This is also because of the possible adverse health impact of being exposed to some wastes. In light of this, rubbish removal companies turn out to be the better decision. This is considering how they limit your exposure to your generated waste.

No Worries about Space

Skip bins require space and some properties do not have the luxury of the needed space. Furthermore, there would be regulations on where it can be stationed, which only fuels this problem. This is a major requirement before securing permits, in areas where this is how it works.

Rubbish removal companies come in handy regardless. So, you can engage their service even if you do not have adequate space to keep junk outdoors.

Clear & Clean Appearance

The sight of a loaded skip bin can be an eyesore. Of course, this depends on the kind of junk that is loaded into the bin. The point remains that they can have the area looking terrible. The fact that it might remain this way until it is picked up by the rental company only makes it worse.

On the flip side, rubbish removal companies work on a same-day basis. The implication is that the junk in question is collected, loaded, and taken out the same day that the company shows up. This makes them a more proactive approach to waste management. This is a worthy enough reason to engage them instead of renting a skip bin.


Ordinarily, some junks are not permitted in skip bins. This means that you are not permitted to dispose of certain wastes inside the rented item, as this would be a violation of your agreement. Some of the junks that are commonly not allowed inside them include:

  • Medical waste
  • Liquids – Such as paint, fuel, and oil
  • Tires
  • Bulky items – Such as large furniture and mattresses
  • Electrical appliances
  • Hazardous materials
  • Batteries

It is worth mentioning that the junks that would be accepted or not are determined by several factors. Such factors include the location and company policy.

On the other hand, rubbish removal companies are usually more service-specific. You can check out Ridly Junk Removal for more information on this. For example, some of them offer furniture removal services, as opposed to general waste removal services. This is why they are usually fond of asking you what sort of waste you intend to dispose of during consultation.

Service Flexibility

Several rubbish removal companies are known for their service flexibility. For instance, this is given how they can show up for pickup at the client’s convenience. By the way, technological advancements have also helped in making their services a lot more flexible and client-centered.


There is the likely possibility of not picking the right skip bin size. It is either you get yourself something smaller or bigger than needed. You rarely end up with something that takes up just what you need to be disposed of.

Renting something smaller than you need isn’t cost-effective because it could mean that you have to rent another bin. On the other hand, renting something bigger also means that you would be paying for more than you need.

There are even situations in which you are forced to settle for the wrong skip bin size. This is either because the company does not have the exact one needed or has rented it all out. It is not this way with rubbish removal companies, as they take out just what you need disposing for.

Wrap Up

Both skip bin renting and rubbish removal services are good options for proper waste management. However, one is better than the other for several reasons. Some of these reasons have been disclosed here and are enough reasons to opt for rubbish removal companies.

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