Pro Gaming Tips For Those Starting Out

Esports is the largest growing sport in the world today. Leading comparison platforms of bookmakers now increasingly provide offers on headline gaming events for their patrons with the same coverage they once reserved for the likes of the Super Bowl, and the competitive merits of top flight gaming are becoming apparent to even the most hesitant pundits, journalists and sports aficionados.

However, while there are well established routes towards a professional ranking in established sports, it can be difficult to know what steps to take for gamers with enough talent and potential to consider turning their passion into their day job. Below we’re going to cover some basic tips for anyone dreaming of a career in esports.


Unfortunately there’s no escaping the fact that practice makes perfect. A would-be esports athlete that is not prioritising regular practice will never make it far. There are many elements to practise that confer meaningful benefits. 

As you play your chosen games, your body-brain connection and muscle memory attunes to the experience. This not only results in faster reaction times, but frees up more brain power for tactical thought and communication when in a high stakes competition. Regular practice is also an opportunity to challenge yourself, explore new ideas, and refine your strategy.


After practicing, the most vital step for any would-be pro gamer is to prioritize research. There are many elements to this. If you’re opting to specialize in a specific game, then it’s crucial that you develop a deep understanding of its underlying mechanics.  

A League of Legends player with a poor knowledge of the different champions at their disposal, or an ignorance of the various terrain characteristics of each arena, will find themselves quickly bested by rivals that benefit from that know-how, even if they’re the naturally more gifted player. 

It’s also important to study the best players in your field – learn their tactics, play-styles and methods, and mine them for insights and new techniques you can integrate into your own gameplay.


All the know-how and skill in the world is no good if you’re not going to bring it to competition. Crucially – we don’t just mean playing regular ranked matches online, but actually competing in tournaments. Elimination tournaments bring an extra level of stress, and you need to acclimatize to it in order to be able to bring your A-game to the matches that count. 

What’s more, tournaments and competitions are where you’ll begin to make a name for yourself, climb rankings, and potentially get noticed by the teams and sponsors, which you’ll need to do if you want to go professional.

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