Online Games That Hone Transferable Skills

Transferable skills are those that are picked up in one field but which can then be used in multiple other fields, some of which may never have occurred to the person learning. Such skills are invaluable because they are the building blocks for any career and can go a long way to making someone more employable or just a more likeable person in general. Here we will look at how everything from online casino gaming to mobile puzzlers can bestow these transferable skills on gamers. It is amazing how the games made available by top casino game offers along with free-to-play mobile and PC games can enable dedicated gamers to sharpen the tools they will need out in the big bad world. Who knows, some of those free spins and battle royale melees might even hone some additional skills that are not mentioned here.

The popularity of mobile gaming has gone through the roof in recent years and thankfully there are lots of free games available in mobile app stores that offer up a plethora of transferable skills

Classic Online Games Preach Probabilities and Tactical Awareness

When people think of online games in general, the varieties of games that come to mind in the first instance tend to be those like battle royale or RPG titles. However, besides all the crash, bang, and wallop of such modern games, there are other genres that continue to build steady followings online. One such genre is that of classic games, which can range from an online slot machine all the way through to an ancient board game like chess or backgammon.

Of course, these games are labelled classics because they have been around for decades, centuries, or even thousands of years in some cases. What has kept them current and interesting is their unique blend of mathematical probabilities and the forward thinking that is required to outflank an opponent. These are skills that were useful to warlords of bygone eras but are now providing free math and tactical awareness training to all who play them.

The great thing is that many classic online games are completely free to play, via sites and apps such as and backgammon274, which is part of what has allowed these games of yesteryear to survive the internet revolution. So, the next time you head into a high-powered business meeting or negotiation process of any kind, ask yourself what you would do out on the chess board to outmanoeuvre your foe, and then apply that knowledge to the task at hand.

Meanwhile, do not let your hubris get the better of you, and know that from the experience of playing games like blackjack and slots you can never outrun the cold hard facts laid out by mathematical probabilities.

Modern gaming headsets allow players to interact with one another, meaning that teambuilding skills can be developed no matter what game is being played

Collaboration and Teamwork in Battle Royale and Survival Games

Let’s face it, despite many jobs being made remote affairs in recent times, most still require employees to have the ability to function as part of a team unit, collaborating on everything from ideas to the execution of concepts and designs.

Online games are therefore the perfect tools for folks who struggle with approaching and working with complete strangers. That is because multiplayer coop games like Fortnite and Rust are best played as part of a well-oiled team. This is evidenced in the pro and amateur online tournaments that take place on an almost daily basis, with only the most cohesive teams having what it takes to go all the way and triumph against the odds.

What is making such games even more exciting and good for teambuilding skills is that players can now often interact with the enemy, a feature that is called “voice chat”. In some online games like Rust, this means that players must not only learn to work as a team but also to look at ways in which to bring potential enemies around to their way of thinking. Now that is a skill that can always come in useful, whether at work or in other walks of life.

Problem Solving Galore in Puzzlers

It seems like a new mobile puzzler is always breaking into the big time, with the latest one being Wordle which was bought for a sizeable seven-figure sum by the New York Times in early 2022. Wordle is a game that requires players to be on top of their alphabet and spelling, but there are others out there that do the same for number crunching. Some of the best of those include Threes, 2048, and Snake vs. Block.

There are countless transferable skills that these puzzlers provide, with all of them in some way related to problem solving, a skill that is criminally underrated in workplaces around the world and will always place certain candidates head and shoulders above their peers. So, why not get to downloading these either free or very cheap puzzlers? They have the power to take your critical thinking and problem solving to the next level.

Reaction Speeds from Racing Games

Being able to react to a situation in the blink of an eye can be the difference between failure and success in this high-paced world, and that is perhaps partly why many gamers still love to test their reflexes and reaction speeds in online racing games like Assetto Corsa Competizione, Project Cars 2, and Driver: San Francisco.

The great thing about racing games is that they are now so accurate and true to life that they genuinely can prepare a gamer to one day step into the cockpit of a proper F1 or Indy car. This has been proven by the fact that many top Esports pros have gone on to sign deals with real life racing teams, such was their prowess behind the wheel – skills that were honed solely with the help of online games.

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