Online Casinos to Encourage Responsible Gambling

The promotion of responsible gambling practices has become a collective responsibility for all stakeholders in the industry. Governments should take care of their people, gamblers are responsible for their well-being, and casinos must mind their clients. Nevertheless, a casino seems to take the bigger responsibility because it profits from the activity. How do they promote responsible gaming?

There has been increased emphasis on playing responsibly in the past few decades which has been caused by the overall increase in gambling activities. The rise of the iGaming industry has led to increased access to casino services, hence, the population of gamers has risen exponentially. They go to top sites like to play their favorite slots and casino games. Others still enjoy the buzz of brick-and-mortar casinos with the sound of spinning slots and enthusiastic gamers.

The game remains fun and captivating courtesy of the enhanced gameplay and sweet risk involved. However, when the fun gets out of hand, gambling becomes cruel. It can lead to deleterious effects such as financial, social, family, legal, and health problems. Many gamblers have sunk into debt due to uncontrolled betting, and families have been broken. It all begins with the mistaken conversion of the activity from a leisure activity to an economic one.

Casinos have the responsibility of ensuring that the negative effects are prevented and/or detected and mitigated early in case they appear. Both online and land-based facilities have a role to play in this job. Here are the main ways:

KYC Requirements

Casinos have strict requirements for the verification of customer info. They are meant to ensure they do not expose underage people to gambling and also flag problem gamblers to restrict them from accessing them. They are usually linked, so the culprits could be prevented from signing up for different iGaming platforms.

This is the reason behind the casino’s request for personal information like full names, addresses, and credit/debit card information. The casino may either at the beginning or at different times, request proof of identity and address. They will also ask you to provide proof of identity before your withdrawal request is approved. All these are attempts to ascertain the identity of their customers and mitigate any issues.

Player Assistance

The players are usually at the center of the fight against irresponsible gaming. Hence, the casinos must come in to assist them to do it. Firstly, they provide detailed up-to-date information about problem gambling. They include info on the early detection of the problem, its consequences, and mitigation measures. Most of the top casinos will have a section at the bottom with elaborate information on how to play responsibly.

Besides information, online gaming sites have advanced features that include the following:

  • Loss Limits;
  • Deposit Limits;
  • Time Limits;
  • Self Exclusion.

All these are provided to help the players to control their urges. They set the stated limits, and the casino prevents them from engaging further. The loss limits lock them out when they lose more than a certain amount within a set period, while deposit limits do the same for deposits. Time limits, on the other hand, prevent players from spending too much time in the casino.

Finally, self-exclusion allows players to voluntarily lock themselves out of the casino when they detect the signs of problem gambling. They could set a certain timeframe, and the casino will prevent them from signing in or playing. However, all these measures depend on the discipline of players and knowledge of responsible gambling. Without them, they can always circumvent them by signing up in another casino.

Training & Research

Casinos train their employees in the detection of problem gamblers. Land-based facilities have a dedicated surveillance team that works around the clock to detect this and other issues like fraud. Online casinos also have detection mechanisms for these problems. They also use advanced technology like Artificial Intelligence (AI) to assist them. Once this is done, they can proceed to implement other measures to control it.

They are also the biggest contributors to research in this area. They partner with other organizations to promote efforts geared toward the prevention of these problems. The outcomes of these programs influence their responsible gaming measures. For instance, they could influence how they carry out market and advertising. Casinos must ensure that such efforts do not promote problem gambling or target vulnerable people. They could also find the most effective ways of creating a safe gaming environment for players.

These are three effective measures that casinos take to promote responsible gambling. They are all based on prevention, early detection, and mitigation of problems. They collaborate with others, including the players, to promote this. All these efforts can achieve optimal results if everyone plays their part.

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