New Mac User? Here Are 7 Tips for You

Have you recently purchased a new Mac device, and it is your time with Apple? Well, then, do not worry, as we are here to help you with the journey. It is difficult to adjust to a new routine and new kind of technology, especially when shifting to a different operating system altogether.

So, here is this article specially crafted for you to take you through some tips and tricks in order to make your experience with Mac easier to a great extent.

Relevant Shortcuts

From knowing how to permanently delete files to taking screenshots, you should take some time and familiarize yourself with MacBook’s keyboard shortcuts.

At first, it might be difficult to memorize some of the sequences, but the more you use them, the more your finger memory will improve. And before you know it, you will not have to think twice to use the right keyboard shortcut.

Drive Space

If you are in the habit of just creating multiple files and never taking charge of the space, then it is high time that you start doing so. When people just flood the MacBook with a hundred different files, tabs, cache memory, temporary files, and applications, then as an outcome, the device will slow down. macOS uses virtual memory, which works with RAM.

For starters, it works with RAM, and once the RAM memory is at its lowest, it shifts to the internal memory. You will not realize that your hard drive is stacking up in the initial days. But when both the spaces are full, the system starts to crash out of the blue. You need to free up the space of the disk if you want your device to work at an optimal speed.

Internet Browsers

Operating systems have a user-friendly browser, which in the case of Windows is Edge, Google Pixel is Chrome, and for Apple, it is Safari. Although you are free to use any web browser that you want on your Mac, with time, you’d realize that the service provided by the Safari web browser is great when compared to other available web browsers.

You will get optimal speed, features, and options in the right compatibility with the MacBook’s operating system. So, when you open your new Mac, stick to Safari. We are sure that you’d feel the same about the service it provides, which is as seamless as ever.



Apple products do not support pirated versions of applications, extensions, and files. This feature is entirely for security reasons. Because pirated applications often carry malware that can infect your device to a great level. So, if you do not want to invest your money in original versions of the applications, then it is best not to buy a Mac.

Windows on Your Mac

If at all you are not impressed by the macOS, then you have an option to switch back to Windows software requiring you to use an M1 chip on your Mac. You can install windows with just a few easy steps. You have to first register on the Windows website in order to download the Windows ARM version and then follow the steps as they come your way using the parallel desktop application.

Integrated Apps

macOS offers a solid selection of integrated applications. Spotlight, GarageBand, iMovie, and Preview are just a few examples of tools that can improve your MacBook experience.

Keep in mind that with each macOS update, Apple introduces new features to already integrated applications. And sometimes, you can expect to see a new tool for macOS. As such, keep an eye on the next macOS update and install it at your earliest convenience.

The Dock

This is something that a lot of people won’t tell you, and you will not even understand till the time your Mac suddenly starts giving you a very slow speed. In order to make the user experience easier and stress-free, Mac never fully shuts down an application or a program that you were using, even if you hit the cross button.

The applications keep running in the background, and they continue to consume a lot of battery. As a result, your processor will slow down. Your applications running in the background will be available on the Dock and will have a dot next to them. You must right-click the application and select ‘quit’ from the drop-down menu. Keeping your dock at its bare minimum will help you to use your MacBook for a long time.


All in all, MacBooks are great computers that more people should use due to how much the devices have to offer. Hopefully, this article will prove to be useful for those who are still learning to use macOS and want to get more out of their Macs.


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