Minivan or SUV – Which Is Better for Lease?

Minivan or SUV – Which Is Better for Lease?

<span title="M" class="cenote-drop-cap">M</span>inivan or SUV – Which Is Better for Lease?

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When you plan to lease a large car, it is the type of vehicle that you should start with. Of course, leasing a GMC or a RAM is by far the best solution when you need a vehicle for your business. However, large families and fans of comfort need something different, and minivans or SUVs meet their expectations most often. So, what to choose – a multi-seater and comfortable option or a powerful model with excellent ground clearance? To understand this, let’s look all their advantages through

Why Lease a Minivan?

Modern minivans look very cute, but design is just a line on the list of their merits. Their owners appreciate the following features:

  • Spacious interior and plenty of seats. Do you have many kids? Do you want to take more relatives with you on a trip? Maybe you’re going to the amusement park and you need to bring some friends? Well, the minivan will provide seats for everyone and space for a lot of luggage.
  • Comfort for everyone! As minivans are designed for long journeys as well, legroom and seat design is very inspiring.
  • Incredible practicality. A minivan is an excellent solution for both shopping trips, sending children to the holiday, and…for parking in public places. We seem to know why Voyager makes up the best Chrysler lease deals!
  • High efficiency. This type of vehicle is recognized as one of the most efficient due to low maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Safety. The minivan inspires confidence as it is, as the low center of gravity makes it more stable. Add advanced active and passive safety systems – and get the perfect family car!

Reasons to Take a SUV for Lease

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As a minivan demonstrates its undeniable advantages, SUVs try to keep up, too. Let’s take a look at their benefits:

  • They are powerful. Usually, they are equipped with more in-charge vehicles, so you can enjoy speed and quickness on the road.
  • They offer more vertical space. If you or your family members are tall, this is the reason to choose an SUV, as it will make you feel more comfortable.
  • They offer great off-road capabilities. These types of vehicles have something that you can’t find in a minivan, including four-wheel drive and high clearance. A SUV will take you to any location and out of the path where the van would have a rough time.
  • They are quite capacious. Leasing a seven-seat model today is not a problem, as many large manufacturers have them.
  • They look classy. Up-to-date models are just an embodiment of style combined with comfortable options. Appreciate the strict vibe of Kia Sorento or think about leasing an Infiniti QX80 if you are looking for something more luxurious.

So, Where to Lease a SUV or a Minivan?

Finally, it’s up to you which type of vehicle to choose, as everything depends on the needs and wants of your family. Anyway, Grand Prix Motors, a car leasing company from NY, is always ready to find the best offers for you!

Here, you can count on the following benefits:

  1. One of the biggest lineups across New York.
  2. The best prices.
  3. Personal quotes based on your needs and possibilities.
  4. Utmost convenience and online deals.

No matter if you feel like driving a Kia Sedona or Nissan Murano is the vehicle you are looking for; Grand Prix Motors will do its best to find something good for you.

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