How to Watch Dota 2 Esports Discipline

Despite being a game released in 2013, DOTA 2 can still exceed 600,000 concurrent players each month as of 2023. In fact, it has never fallen below this figure for the last ten years, and from time to time, it even reached the number of 1,200,000 players per month. It may not be a new game, but its fans don’t seem to worry about it. DOTA 2 is still one of the most popular MOBA games and continues to be played around the world.

It is so popular that DOTA 2 is the subject of many international tournaments for years. “The International” league is handing out some of the biggest prizes in the esports industry (there were times when the prize amount exceeded $40 million), and there are many more national-regional leagues too. You can try your luck for most of these events at a site like Vulkan Bet – DOTA 2 is also considered one of the most popular esports betting options. But whatever your purpose, if you want to watch local, national, and international DOTA 2 leagues live, you can do it easily – below, we explain how.

What to watch

Many events are held for DOTA 2, and you can find something to watch almost every month throughout the year. We recommend starting with the following leagues and tournaments:

  • The International
  • IESF World Championships
  • ESL One
  • Dream League
  • Pinnacle Cup
  • EPL World Series
  • Fragster League

Apart from these, you can find regional events, but it may be difficult to find a live broadcast for most of them. The most important event on this list is The International, as it is DOTA 2’s biggest and only official tournament. The International is hosted by Valve itself and features teams that win DPC matches throughout the year. In other words, the best DOTA 2 players in the world compete in this event.

Where to Watch

Twitch and YouTube would be the best options for watching these tournaments. In some European countries, you can find some TV channels that broadcast DOTA 2 matches live, but for most of the world, using Twitch or YouTube will be more practical and offer more options. You can watch live broadcasts on both platforms without having to be a member or download a program. However, if you want to take advantage of some features of these platforms (for example chatting), you will need to become a member.

In this context, whatever platform you use, we recommend following three different channels:

  • The channel of the event. For example, The International has an official account on both Twitch and YouTube and will live stream the event from start to finish. This also applies to organizations like ESL One, Dream League, and EPL. Each one broadcasts live through their own official accounts. These are usually “vanilla” streams, meaning there is no host or commenter.
  • Developer’s channel. Valve is the developer of DOTA 2, and when The International starts, it broadcasts the event live on its own Twitch/YouTube accounts. The difference between this and the option above is that these streams also feature Valve developers and industry professionals. They make comments, make predictions, and sometimes share some tips about the game as the matches go on. In other words, you watch the same broadcast, but this time with a host and commentators.
  • The team’s channel. Players of DOTA 2 teams are treated like superstars in the esports industry. Each player has their own Twitch/YouTube account. In addition, their teams also have official accounts. Of course, the players participating in the event cannot broadcast live, but it is still possible to watch the matches both on their own channels and on the channels of their teams. In this option, other team members (not attending the current match) assist the viewers as hosts/commentators.

How to Watch

Watching DOTA 2 tournaments live is pretty easy, as you don’t need to do anything at all. Can you watch YouTube videos on the device you are using? If the answer is yes, you have everything you need to watch live streams as well. This means that any device with a web browser can be used to watch these broadcasts. PC, laptop, smartwatch, tablet, smart TV – if it can connect to the internet and has a browser, it doesn’t matter what operating system or device model it is.

All you have to do is open the page of the broadcast you want to watch. You don’t even have to click a button – the broadcast will start automatically. The device you are using does not need to have powerful hardware, but we recommend using broadband internet or 4G for an enjoyable experience. Otherwise, the broadcast will often freeze or stream in low resolution, both of which negatively affect your viewing experience.

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