How many views are enough views for your channel on Youtube to start making money?

Youtube is a great career – that’s not a question to anyone anymore, but there are lots of nuances to keep in mind if you want to enter that niche today. Many people still have that misunderstanding that to start making money on Youtube you really need to gather a special number of subscribers or views – partially this is true, but in general – you don’t need to fit in any boxes to start making income off this social media platform. Things are a little bit more complicated here, and we’re going to tell you what to do and what not to do if you have come on Youtube to start a career.

So, there are two types of income that you can have here – from a partnership that Youtube offers, and as an individual blogger who’s cooperating with brands and other bloggers. The first option is exactly the one that you might need to buy Youtube views for because yes, that’s when you need to gain a certain number of plays to have money from YT. To be exactly clear, you need to have not less than 1000 views under each of your videos. That’s the number that Youtube perceives as accountable and can count on you as one the person who’s going to stream their own advertisements enough times so they could have contracts with huge brands and corporations running. Otherwise you’re not rentable and YT won’t pay you anything for your content.

But the second option requires nothing but your effort, thought and time: you can have 100 views on each video and still make money out of collaborations with small brands and bloggers – yes, this is easy to say but hard to do, but it is still possible! There are many small businesses that are looking for micro influencers to deliver the ads to their potential buyers: they need people from certain areas, with certain interests and audiences, and you might be quite suitable for their needs. It only takes time and some experience to start figuring out where to find them and whom to collaborate with.

However, the best type of income from Youtube would be the combined one – having money from the partnership and from collaborations can really be enough for a quality life. And to reach that quickly you would need some help from the side: a chance to buy real Youtube views is just fine! YT won’t see any difference between the fake views and the real ones, plus if you’d find the company that sells real plays from actual people, you might hit two aims at a time – if your content is good enough, these people might want to stay on your channel as permanent subscribers. So before you decide to purchase anything for your profile, make sure to figure out what exactly you’re buying and what consequences it might have. Don’t fall for cheap services, look for the ones with nice reviews and comments from the previous clients of the promo website and don’t forget that you need to make your channel look natural: for that purchase not only plays, but also subscribers and thumbs up. It will help with making your account look naturally developed.

Summing up: there’s no need to choose the exact way of income that you’re going to have. Combine everything together and take on some professional support from the side to speed up the process of promotion. It will spare you weeks and weeks of time, which you could waste on waiting for enough plays, subscribers, comments to gather under your videos. Be thoughtful with what you’re doing and plan everything several steps ahead, and you will see great positive changes coming to your channel in no time!

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