How many states are in Afghanistan?

How many states are in Afghanistan?

34 provinces

Provinces of Afghanistan
Number 34 provinces
Populations 147,964 (Nuristan) – 4,372,977 (Kabul)
Areas 737 sq mi (1,908 km2) (Kapisa) – 22,512 sq mi (58,305 km2) (Helmand)
Government Provincial government, National government

Which is the biggest city of Afghanistan?

Afghanistan is its largest city, Kabul.

What are the names of the former provinces of Afghanistan?

Former Provinces of Afghanistan 1 Southern Province – dissolved in 1964 to create the province of Paktia. 2 Afghan Turkestan Province – dissolved somewhere between 1929 and 1946. 3 Qataghan-Badakhshan Province – dissolved in 1963 into Badakhshan Province and Qataghan Province, the latter of which was also dissolved that same year.

How many cities does Afghanistan have in the world?

The chart below shows 18 cities of Afghanistan with a population over 100,000, by order of population. Ancient names of places or cities in Afghanistan: ^ “STATE OF AFGHAN CITIES -2015 VOLUME ONE” (PDF). Ministry of Urban Development Affairs.

What was the name of the Islamic State in Afghanistan?

Its formal name was United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan, known in the Western Hemisphere as the Northern Alliance, and its goal was to take back the country from the Taliban. The Islamic State remained the internationally recognized representative of Afghanistan at the United Nations until 2001,…

Which is the primary administrative division of Afghanistan?

The provinces of Afghanistan are the primary administrative divisions. Each province encompasses a number of districts or usually over 1,000 villages. Provincial governments are led by a governor who is appointed by the President of Afghanistan. Each province is represented in the government of Afghanistan by two members in the House of Elders.

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