How many international airports are in Alabama?

How many international airports are in Alabama?

There are total 6 passenger service airports in Alabama, out of these there are 2 international airports In Alabama….Alabama Airports.

Alabama Airports Code
Huntsville International Airport 1000 Glenn Hearn Blvd SW, Huntsville, AL 35824 HSV

How many airports does Alabama have?

four airports
Alabama has four airports, each one located in a different region of the state. Huntsville International Airport and Birmingham International Airport service the northern part of Alabama, while Montgomery Regional Airport covers the central region and Mobile Regional Airport handles flights to the Gulf Coast.

What the name of the airport in Alabama?


City served FAA Airport name
Montgomery MGM Montgomery Regional Airport (Dannelly Field)
Commercial service – nonprimary airports
Muscle Shoals MSL Northwest Alabama Regional Airport
Tuscaloosa TCL Tuscaloosa National Airport

Which is the closest airport to the University of Alabama?

Closest airports to University of Alabama The nearest airport to University of Alabama is Columbus Golden Triangle Regional (GTR). However, there are better options for getting to University of Alabama. Greyhound USA operates a bus from Jackson to Tuscaloosa twice daily.

Which is the closest airport to Dothan Alabama?

The closest major airport to Dothan, Alabama is Dothan Regional Airport (DHN / KDHN). This airport is 11 miles from the center of Dothan, AL. If you’re looking for domestic flights to DHN, check the airlines that fly to DHN.

Which is the closest airport to Tuscaloosa Alabama?

We recommend flying to Birmingham (BHM) Airport, which is 53.4 miles away from Tuscaloosa. The line 20 bus and train from Birmingham (BHM) to Tuscaloosa takes 2h 27m. Where can I stay near Tuscaloosa?

Which is the closest airport to Orange Beach Alabama?

The closest general aviation airport for private aircraft is Foley Municipal Airport (, 15 miles inland in the town of Foley, Alabama. Blake Guthrie covers travel, entertainment and outdoor recreation for many outlets, including the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, where he is a regular contributor.

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