How many French Foreign Legion have died in Afghanistan?

How many French Foreign Legion have died in Afghanistan?

2 French Foreign legionnaires
2 French Foreign legionnaires die in Afghanistan.

Did the French Foreign Legion fight in Afghanistan?

A part of the War in Afghanistan, it involved a force of 1,100 troops, including 750 or 800 members of the French Foreign Legion, 200 United States Special Forces and Afghan National Army (ANA) soldiers.

Does French Foreign Legion still exist?

The Legion is the only part of the French military that does not swear allegiance to France, but to the Foreign Legion itself….

French Foreign Legion
The Foreign Legion’s grenade emblem and colours
Active 10 March 1831 – present
Country France
Branch French Army

Is French Foreign Legion Elite?

French Foreign Legion, French Légion étrangère, an elite military force originally consisting of foreign volunteers in the pay of France but now comprising volunteer soldiers from any nation, including France, for service in France and abroad.

How long is a French Foreign Legion contract?

5 years
THE CONTRACT : The initial contract is for 5 years. At the end of this first contract, the legionary can choose to continue his career by means of successive contracts whose duration varies between 6 months and 5 years.

Can criminals join the French Foreign Legion?

The Legion used to accept anyone — criminals and misfits especially — with no questions, but now there is a thorough screening process. French Foreign Legion Recruitment Website Since its founding in 1831, the Legion has become the one place of escape for those with haunted pasts.

What is the age limit for the French Foreign Legion?

The legion today Men between the ages of 17 and 40, of any nationality, may join the legion. Recruits enlist under an assumed name—a requirement known as the anonymat—but a legionnaire may request to serve under his true name after a year of service.

Is joining the French Foreign Legion worth it?

For you, the answer is no, it’s not worth it, you don’t have the “bug”. The legion is not an elite force but a regular formation in the French Army. There are two types of persons that will find it worth it.

Is the French Foreign Legion dangerous?

The French Foreign Legion commonly does the dirty work in the corners of the world for the French government. Many died in Indochina, North Africa, and elsewhere. Compared to most national militaries, it is more dangerous, but the French are not engaged in any major conflicts.

How many people have died in the French Foreign Legion?

The training regime is notoriously tough but applications are still high: of the roughly 8,000 men who apply each year, 1,000 are accepted. Since the Foreign Legion’s foundation, more than 36,000 legionnaires have died for France, in conflicts including the Franco-Prussian war, two world wars, Indochina and Algeria’s war of independence.

Where did the French soldiers die in Afghanistan?

In August 2008, nine French soldiers were killed and 21 wounded by guerilla forces in the Uzbin Valley Ambush, near Surobi. A tenth soldier died in a related road accident.

How many French troops are currently in Afghanistan?

As of 1 November 2009, 4,000 French personnel were deployed in Afghanistan, including the air support of Combined Task Force 150 in the Indian Ocean. Furthermore, 150 gendarmes were deployed in late 2009. Operations in 2009 alone cost 450 million Euros, amounting to over half the 870 million Euros devoted to military operations abroad.

Who are the members of the French Foreign Legion?

The French Foreign Legion’s notoriously tough approach to military training is to be examined in a court in Lyon where four officers and junior officers face trial for manslaughter over the death of six recruits who died in an avalanche.

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